Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the united states of Essay

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the united states of America, meaning it is more then just a store just in 2018 it was “the leading retailer bringing in $374.80 billion in sales” (businessinsider). Its stores offer several lines of products beyond groceries you can literally find everything you need, not only can you find everything its considered to be one of the cheapest if not the cheapest retailers allowing its customers to purchase baskets of goods without breaking their wallets or purse, almost every person wishes to shop at Walmart.

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Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the united states of Essay
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There is excitement everywhere inside Walmart, there are funny dressed people, cute babies, and cool/fun items for sale this results in capturing the buyers’ attention mostly kids like when they see a giant stuffed animal and you keep bugging you parents to buy it this also forces you shop for a extended time. Walmart’s economy and industry are excellent. Therefore, I will describe Walmart.

Besides the great stuff Walmart has aquired, there are additional things that contribute to all of that success.

One thing that I can say about Walmart is that their employees constantly want to help every customer they come across and satisfy them, this coming from a former Walmart employee lol. Even when I worked at Walmart and went as a customer and I needed help finding an item, there is always an employee to help the customer right away. This meaning Walmart’s vision is to show kindness and help customers in need. Walmart in my opinion is the best place to come shop it is one of the not many stores that offers self-checkouts. This a very smart move by Walmart putting these self-checkouts machines in their stores which allow customers to check out faster when you’re there in a rush or simply because lines are super long, it also allows regular people to have a somewhat knowledge on what being a cashier is. What makes these self-checkout machines better is that there is a voice from the machine that speaks to you. The voice will remind you at certain times that you have forgotten to grab an item you bagged or simply make sure you get your money and receipt before you leave, there is also a Walmart attendant if you need help as the associate is in charge of making sure everyone is having a smooth checkout. If you walk through the stores, you will easily see the large variety of items they carry across from different fresh vegetables, canned foods, toys, toilet paper, to even buying tires and getting them put on at their stores. If by any way you do not find an item you were looking for which is a rare occasion as Walmart literally carries most of your daily needs, there is another option of placing an order at their website and wait for it to be delivered to your address. A lot people aren’t aware of this, but Walmart does not price match anymore unless it is cheaper in their website and if it is just simply show the cashier and they will kindly override the price and make it right, they also allow stacking coupons which a lot of their costumer’s love.

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