VO2 Max Comparison

Report should be presented with the following sections:

Aim: Describe the aims/ purpose of your report

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VO2 Max Comparison
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Methods: Describe the tests and methods you chose to use for data collection, including equipment and protocol.

Results: Present the results of your data collection, include client description and must include 1 table or figure to compare the methods used (eg. x-y scatterplot, bar graph).

Discussion: Refer to following guiding questions to shape your discussion:

  • Why did you pick the tests you picked?
  • Did you expect to see differences in your results? Why?
  • Which results do you think are most accurate? Why?
  • Which would be the most useful of the methods you used for mass screening?
  • Which would be the most useful of the methods you used for testing a healthy, middle-aged adult?
  • Any other pertinent comments

Prescription: On the basis of your data collection, write a 4 week initial exercise prescription for your client – make sure you include the four major factors of exercise prescription (frequency, intensity, duration, and mode). Indicate how you will train your client to monitor their exercise intensity into an appropriate range. Include a paragraph of justification for prescription design. Briefly, outline how you would achieve progression for the next 4 weeks of your client’s exercise prescription.

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