Virtual Child

  1. As the program ends, what developmental pathways did your child take? Choose three domains (e.g., physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional…) and discuss your child’s development across the program with reference to the material you have learnt across the course. (Each domain = 3 marks. Total = 9 marks).
    2. Describe one specific way in which you think your parenting mattered for your child’s development. Base your answer on information presented in the course (text, lectures, labs) on the contribution of parents to children’s development. (3 marks)
    3. Describe one specific way in which your child developed that appeared to be influenced by factors outside your control, such as genes, random environmental events or the general influence of contemporary middle class culture. (3 marks)

    A good answer will address every part of the question and will describe the relevant behaviour of the child. In addition, you should link your descriptions and explanations of the child’s behaviour to the concepts, theories and research covered in the course. Avoid giving opinions, which you cannot support by referring to ideas presented in My Virtual Child, the text or the lectures.
    Answers to each question should reflect the grade weighting. The report should be no longer than 1200 words in total.

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