Violence at Sporting Events Essay

Sport is the biggest form of entertainment in the world. Large crowds fill stadiums to watch their favourite team battle the opposing enemy. Passionate fans can often take their enthusiasm too far, which can cause violence and mayhem. I believe that overpopulated crowds at any event attract violence and hooligans but it does need to be prevented at all costs.

Sport crowds can turn violent for a number of reasons. The crowds are very passionate and devoted to the sport. Drugs and alcohol can play a big part.

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Violence at Sporting Events Essay
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Some occasions the referees can judge wrong which causes a lot of conflict. The equation of all these factors can equal unhappy crowds, which sadly leads to violence.

Misbehaving and violence happens at every major event. Sporting events is not the only place bad behaviour occurs. Concerts and nightclubs are just two examples where violence happens also. The mixture of alcohol, drugs, large crowds and enthusiasm can equal bad things at any event.

Vicious sporting events occur overseas such as the Glasgow Derby in Scotland in 1971 where 66 fans were crushed to death, or the Hillsborough Stadium, FA cup semi final between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool where over 93 football supporters were killed in 1989. These events are extreme examples but Australia should feel credible that nothing this drastic has ever happened on our soil. Generally Australia has never had any majorly violent sporting events occur and I think Aussies should be congratulated for having a healthy sporting culture.

If Australia wants to continue having safe sporting events and erase the odd verbal or violent outbreaks, a few things need to become stricter. Security at the game needs to be increased. Fans need to be seated according to what team they support. Fines need to become more of a threat and issued if needed. Alcohol should be banned or limited. To those who continue to start trouble, need to be expelled from the stadium. These guidelines will ensure a safe and happy game for all supporters.

Overall violence at sporting events is not a major issue in Australia. The odd breakouts need to be abolished to make certain that all spectators enjoy the game.

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