Video game essay Essay

Are video games bad for you? Sure, parents and adults will tell you they are bad, but how are they bad for you? Many will tell you that video games hurt your eyes and damage your nerves.

They may even tell you video games make you more violent, but they cannot provide any evidence to back up their opinions. Nor do they realize the real problem—which is not video games themselves—but the addiction that drives many gamers to play video games to the exclusion of all else.

In this essay, I will show that video game addiction is the real reason why video games are bad for you.

Video game addiction leads to poor performance in school and insufficient physical inactivity. Video game addiction can have a negative effect on academic achievement. For example, a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology indicates that the more a student plays video games, the worse their academic performance is in school.

A second study by Argosy University’s Minnesota School on Professional Psychology found that video game addicts argue a lot with their teachers, fight a lot with their friends, and score lower grades than others who play video games less often.

As these sources suggest, video game addicts’ obsessive gaming comes at a cost to their academic performance and relationships with those around them, ultimately leading to poor performance in school —and life. Video game addiction also leads to physical inactivity and related health problems.

This occurs because obsessive gamers sacrifice a balanced lifestyle so they can spend all their free time playing video games. Instead of going out and rollerblading, playing hoops, or hanging out with friends, they sit in front of a screen for hours and hours. Consequently, they do get the exercise they need.

The Center for Disease Control recommends 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. When these gamers do not get this exercise, they are abusing their bodies and risking developing heart disease and other cardiovascular problems; they even run the risk of becoming obese, which further increases the chances of cardiovascular problems and could result in them developing diabetes.

As I have shown in this essay, video game addiction leads to poor performance in school and physical inactivity. The urge to play games can drive gamers to neglect their studies and injure relationships with those around them.

Their desire to play video games can cause them to disregard healthy levels of activity, leading to health problems and even obesity. The key to keeping the negative influence of video games in check is one word: control. If gamers can balance video games with the rest of their lives, video games can be a fun, entertaining diversion; but when video games take over their lives, they are left with a life that is not worth living.

This type of addiction develops when gamers obsess over the video games they play. As result, they As this evidence indicates, video game addiction promotes physical inactivity, putting gamers at risk of obesity, heart disease and other health problems. Thus, students addicted to sacrifice homework and study to whatever game they are currently obsessing over, This results in excessive physical inactivity, which puts gamers at risk of developing heart disease and other cardiovascular problems, or becoming overweight. by spending all their free time playing. as gamers spend all their free time playing their games.

Without the required levels of physical activity, these gamers risk developing cardiovascular problems, such as The Center for Disease Control and American Heart Associatoin.

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