Victorian society in England is full of rapid change Many Essay

Victorian society in England is full of rapid change. Many new discoveries occur at the same time. In addition, at this age there is more coming of science, therefore people are starting to use reason and truth even more. But the rapid change still has instability. The society in this era is a very moral society. People are expected to abide by strict ethical criteria.

In the play “Extravaganza You”, you can see many ideas that reflect the society in the Victorian age including Aristocrat, Free trade, and Utilitarianism.

We have also adapted a few plot that shows about satire love and society from the Korean series “Extraordinary You” to this play as well.

In this play, it describes the story of Dan-Oh, the girl who was denied love from the boy named Baekyung until she met with her new classmate, Haru. He helped her in many matters that make her fall in love with him. He made her fall out of her original ideas to use feelings more than reason.

Until finally, he makes her discovered what is right for her.

For the main character, Dan-Oh, she represents people in the Victorian age who uses reasons more than emotions. she thinks that Baekyung would accept love from her because Other people say that her and him look appropriate. The play shows that she and her family are new rich who give Baekyung’s family some funds to do business.

the other main character, Baekyung, also represents an aristocrat in the Victorian age who think that if people want to love each other, there must be an equal social class in which this idea is influent in the Victorian era. He used his reasons and facts more than his own feeling to deny Dan-Oh’s love. For Instance, In class, he answered a fact to his teacher about the moon, which is match to the idea in the novel, Hard Times, by Charles Dickens. It shows that the Victorian age has more scientific progress so people use more reasons and facts.

the last main character, Haru, represents a people who resist the idea in the Victorian age. He has a mixture personality of people in a modern and romantic era. He made a new notion for his classmates to do what they want, not do as others do. For instance, he foments his classmates to stop wearing the same color shirt. Then turned to put on the color that they really wanted to wear. furthermore, it also mentioned Utilitarianism in this play from the event that Haru give Dan-Oh a pen with a strange pattern. At first, Dan-Oh Refused to receive. She thought if she want to use a pen, she wanted a pen that a simple pattern and mostly useful.

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