Victorian Era Essay

The Victorian era is an era which is associated with the ruling of the queen called Victoria. She is one of the historical queens who ruled the Britain for the longest period in history. During this era of her rule, numerous activities took place which brought new changes to the kingdom. A lot of cultural, political, economic, industrial as well as scientific changes are some of the major result which is associated with this era.

It is a periods which lasted for more than sixty years, and the significance of it has created much concern to philosophers, historians, socialist and even the politicians together with religious leaders of today.

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Victorian Era Essay
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This probably is because the ruler performed diverse duties during her reign which touched all this areas of sensitivity in society. Due to the prudence and sheer devotion of the leader’s efforts to rules the United Kingdom, the Victorian era is even today recognized in the Britain and the world over as a period during which much progress was achieved.

This is marked by the many developments in the industrial sectors in the British Empire. The era saw the country transformation from one level of industrial development to another hence this marked the greatest height of British industrial revolution. It is also a period which marked the apex of the British Empire in many ways of growth. This Victorian era is depicted as the era between the 1837 and 1901 during which queen Victoria was on the throne. What is more remarkable to many people is the passage of the reform act 1832.

This era was preceded by the era of another great king regency and it was succeeded by the era of Edwardian. There is no matching of the preceding and the succeeding eras with this Victorian era. Victoria was a monarchy and with this kind of religious background, the ruling was more conformed to monarchy kind of leadership rather than a political way. (Reynolds, 1997) During the commencement of the Victorian era, England was view as primarily agrarian and rural country. Despites the fact that it was one the leading development state in industrial terms, many people in the country were living under extreme poverty conditions.

The people were under pressure which comes from all sort of social factors and governmental leaders who had earlier on power. When the queen came to the power, there were numerous challenges which were therefore before her. They were necessities to fight towards general country growth through developmental progressions and social prosperities to transform the people lives for better living standards. To implement and achieve certain transformation likes this one was not an easy and smooth task. Like the earlier decades and centuries which had passed, tensions of war and diseases were still rampant.

It is noted that a lot of stress and pressures inflict the kingdom more than even the previous times of the other king’s reign. During the first decade of the Victorian era, the queen was faced with the challenges of disease attacks on her territories grounds. A series of typhus and cholera diseases epidemics were notably common from one region of the territory to another. Due to this high prevalence and epidemics which were often in the territories, high reduction on population was realized. There was an alarming concern over the death rates which could tremendously reduce the number of population by five percent.

Such challenges of disease lead to some deteriorating result on economic issues as workers and laborers were not to perform their duties effectively. This was also due to the decreased numbers of workers as diseases had caused a number of deaths and others left their jobs due to illness. All these difficulties of diseases made the leadership duties to be a bit complex and were compounded with crop failure and economics collapsing. (Burton, 2002 Politics Although during the early reigns and ruling was much characterized by uprising of one kingdoms with another, this was rare case during the Victorian era.

It is an era during which political instability was in the highest stakes. Many neighboring kingdoms were at war all the time. In addition, war rage could broke from within which were easily and quickly quenched. Generally, the prowess of the queen in politics was an exceptional one which was readily integrated with the sense of humanity care. It was thus a period which was commonly characterized by long periods of peaces, and colonial consolidation. Such long peaceful periods were not experienced during the preceding reigns of other rulers.

However, the widely enjoy peace by the people often being disrupted by the some war like communities. The most temporal disruptions emerged from the Crimean war. This made the territory to be view as war monger state as it made the British to be prepared for war every year. With the emergency of colonial politics in the Britain and European countries, a lot of political instability became a common phenomenon. During the end of the 19th century numerous political issues were at the peak and many conflicts were by then not rare to the kingdoms in the European countries.

The enactments of new policies were put in place and this was mostly confronted with great forces from all kingdoms. Such policies s which was not embraced by most territories yielded to conflicts such as those which were realized in Zanzibar. The leader ship structure was also major contributor to the kind of political stability which existed in the beginning of the era. It was an era that was dominated by two parties. These were very important in the whole political view of the kingdom. The House of Commons couldn’t run its activities without the representation of either of these two parties.

The Whigs and the Tories parties were core parties which lead the state to great heights in general. The Whig party becomes the liberals while the Tories party was the conservative’s party. Some of the party members were very aggressive and could not even follow the set of rules and regulations of the ruler. It is surprising to learn that some leaders were acting without to taking into consideration the affairs of the kingdoms. One of the honored states man could not consults the other parliamentary members which were a serious offences and risk to the kingdoms affairs.

This particular action by a foreign secretary was an annoying act and offensive one . score of Tories were against the repeal on the con law while the peelites were very supportive to it. The political problems which in away remained unsolved formed a strong foundation for political growth in certain countries. For instance, the prevailing political problems of this time in the Ireland played a major role in politics. This is particularly to the connection with the Gladstone’s determinations in the achievement of political settlement. (Baumgart, 1999)

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