Victims’ Issues

This week’s topic should resonate with those who have a specific interest in working with victims. Victims of crime are important to consider at every level of the criminal justice system. Victims had few rights and were treated very poorly by the system until recent years. As leaders in the criminal justice field it will be important for you to have a thorough understanding of these issues.

View the Roberta Roper interviews. She is the parent of a murder victim and has spent the last 3 decades fighting for victims’ rights as a result of what happened to her daughter and how her family was treated by the criminal justice system.  Roberta Roper Interviews
Please discuss the following questions:

— What did Roberta Roper identify as the key issues with the treatment of victims?

— What is a victim impact statement and why is it important?  What statutory and constitutional rights do victims now have?  (Cite your sources.)

— Most importantly, what can you do as a criminal justice leader to further victim’s rights?


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