An organizational structure of a company defines the directions in which activities, responsibilities and tasks are delegated and coordinated among various members of the company to help the organization achieve its desired goals and objectives. The organizational structures plays a vital role in the performance of the company as it provide a link through which the management can reach the workers and also the workers get an opportunity to share their opinions concerning some crucial decisions made by the management.  Vilex Valve Company is involved in the manufacturing of various varieties of valves both for domestic and commercial purposes. The operation of the company is grouped under the federal government procurement opportunity for small business category due to the small-scale nature of its operations ( Vilex Valve Company deals with the production of various types of valves such as fluid power valves, flash valves, showerheads, plumbing fixture valves, hose fittings, and general-purpose flow control devices composed of metal (

The Vilex Valve Company has a functional and matrix organizational structure in which various departments in the organization are tasked with different roles. At the upper level of the organizational structure is the General Manager who is assisted by his vice when it comes to general management of the organization.  Produced by the production department and sold by the supply department are of high quality that meets the customers’ satisfaction.

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Matrix structure of the Vilex Valve Company

The matrix structure is types of organizational structure that group employees and staffs in terms of their functions and the product of their role in the company. To utilize the strengths of the employees and to enhance the areas where these employees have some weaknesses, the company has adopted the strategy of decentralizing various activities in the company.  The following diagram shows the matrix roles and responsibilities of the major departments in the Vilex Valve Company……………………………..

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