Urban Geography Essay

A mode of transport is a term that refers to the kind of transport facilities that are used to move people and goods from one place to another. Modes of transport can also be referred to as transport modality, means of transport or transport mode. The various modes of transport are: Animal transport (cart, chariot or carriage), air-transport (aircraft), Human transport (pedestrian, wheel chair, bicycle, skate or ski), Water transport (boat, ship or submarine), Rail transport (train or cable car), Road transport (Bus, automobile or motorcycle) and others like teleportation devices, escalators or draglifts.

Discussion In Kansas City, the various transport modes are: Air, Automobile, and Transit: Light Rail, Transit Corridors, and Bus, Bicycle routes (commuter and recreational), and human transport (pedestrian). Even with all this types of transportation modes. The automobile still dominates as a transport means. This is so is due to the fact that most of the city roads are very well established for automobile use and this encourages most people to use the roads (with automobiles).

Secondly, the city does not provide for other transport modes like pedestrian and bicycle for instance the streets are so narrow that they do not provide any space for the cyclists. Also the city has been investing on developing the rail system forgetting that it also goes hand in hand with the under developed transport modes like pedestrian and bicycle use.

The weather in Kansas is another contributing factor since mostly this area experiences cold weather which discourages the pedestrian or bicycle use leaving most persons to opt for automobiles. In order to try and diversify the transport modes the transportation department in the city has put up plans to ensure that transportation modes like cycling and pedestrian are catered for. The Mid-America Regional Council has recently completed a plan for major bikeways in the Northland and the region as a whole.

Implementation of this plan, supplemented by a secondary system of bike facilities along parkways, boulevards, and local streets, will result in an effective bikeway system in the Northland. Bridges are also being constructed in with provisions for bikeways and pedestrian pavements.


Kansas Department of Transportation, retrieved from: http://www. ksdot. org/burtransplan/burovr/lgrangtp. asp on May 4, 2009.

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