UPS (an American shipping company).

The writer should do research on UPS (an American shipping company). There specific parts i need to finish for this report ( my teammates will finish other parts). As a result, please write paper in different section i provided. Each part will follow some specific question. Please include all questions in sections. For the first section (financial profile). The writer should look up the 10K report of UPS for recent 5 years, and do analysis on these 10-k report. Also, the writer could look up other news about UPS’s financial issue for this section. For other section, please see details in the requirement i will provided. Please know that these section the writer will need to work on is just a part of this paper. So there is no need to look a consistent paper. Write this paper in APA format with 5 sources. And there should include a APA format page at the end of this paper. 4 pages double space is required.

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UPS (an American shipping company).
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