University of DhakaDepartment of MarketingSustainable Development of Ahsan ManzilSubmitted toMr Koushik Prashad Essay

University of DhakaDepartment of MarketingSustainable Development of Ahsan ManzilSubmitted toMr. Koushik Prashad PathakAssistant Professor Department of Marketing, University of DhakaSubmitted byJacks & JillsUmme Sadia Sima (SK-026-128)Ferdous Hasan Sany (BB-026-167)Md. Istiaque Chowdhury (SM-026)Md. Mashrur Chowdhury(MM-026-092)Nadia Sultana (SK-026-190)Naimul Kabir (MM-026-074) Submission date: 28 April 2019 Introduction to Ahsan ManzilOne-time official residential and seat of Dhaka Nawab family, Ahsan Manzil is a national museum now. The Indo-Saracenic Revival architectural palace is located along the banks of Buriganga.

From the garden hose of Sheikh Enayet Ullah to the purchasing of Khwaja Alimullah, it has a long history related to our old Dhaka aristocratic lifestyle. When Khwaja Alimullah died in 1901, his successors started family quarrel on the ownership of the place and govt. acquired the property in 1952 and transferred the property to Dhaka National Museum in 1985. From this time, it is considered as a museum under the Dhaka National Museum.The Haves and Have notsLess haves and more have nots are what we have in our stock.

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University of DhakaDepartment of MarketingSustainable Development of Ahsan ManzilSubmitted toMr Koushik Prashad Essay
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We have many barriers that hurt the number of tourists we have each year, that lessens the knowability of this place, defame our culture and history. These have nots are:Transportation: A first visit to the road of Puran Dhaka will confuse many people. It causes a huge problem for people to reach out to the historical sites that are available in Puran Dhaka for people who don’t know this place.Traffic Jam: Narrow roads, too many vehicles, lack of traffic rules- that is the scenario of our Dhaka city. The time the traffic jam consumes from our life, demotivates people to visit such a place.Security: A lot of foreigners express their concern about security when reviewing theirs on tour websites. One of them even commented, his mobile phone was mugged during the visit after sundown.Political Interruption: The local business people are unmotivated to start their business in that area because of the extortion. If we are going to upgrade it, we will face a political barrier that causes investors whether foreign or local to step down.Religious views: As an example of Islamic archaeology and resemblance of Muslim nationalism, peoples of other religion may not find interest to visit this place that much, and may object it as communal discrimination. The causes behind travelingTo make a sustainable development, in-depth knowledge of the psychology of the travelers is also important, Why do we or they travel? From novelty to belonging, relaxation, and enjoyment, stimulation or self-expression, the cause behind traveling can be any of these. Different researchers have also pointed out to these reasons.Why travel archeological sitesMost of the travelers are more or less interested in archaeological sites. Some of them just want to discover, some the want rejuvenate and most of them just need some relaxation. traveling a historic site for its historic nature is a less common thing, the studies shows. travelers we call Sage travelers are those few who visit these sites for its historical significance. The rests are checklisters, who visit as they want to increase the number of sites they visit. From Archeological site to place of psychic transformationSustainabilityBanking the siteRecord the sites’ location and boundaries: Country’s recorder’s office should have noted the existence of an archaeological site. The deed will also provide the boundaries and additional permissions related to this site. Contact our state’s historic preservation office: Like every other country, we also have a historic preservation society which manages all the registration of historic and archaeological sites. There also should be a local office where tourists can visit can get information need from its website.Gather the necessary information and documentation: Govt. granted organizations then have the responsibility to gather necessary proof to preserve it as an archaeological site.Planning Professional ExcavationEnlist a professional archeologist: To assess the site we need a professional archeologist and have to plan to excavate the artifacts found on this site. Contact nearby Universities: Nearby universities as we have Jagannath University and University of Dhaka near the Ahsan Manzil, they can research this site to provide valuable information and to come up with successful plans.Maintaining Physical SecurityGain familiarity with the general location: Knowing the place is necessary for securing this up. What the possible threat is or can be in the future, only local people would know better. Take measures to protect the surface: To preserve the surface we can contact with professionals. Marketing StrategyTarget MarketsGroup potential customers to whom a company eager to sell their products and services are target markets. To whom a company directs its marketing efforts are also target customers. As target customer of Ahsan Manzil we have chosen Young generation and children.Young generationForgetting the roots no nation can proceed further. By acknowledging the young generation about our culture and history will make them more patrious.ChildrenChildren are also our future, when the youth are present. We have also put special opportunities for childrens.What we provideIn his book Principles of Service Marketing, McGraw Hill defined service as, A service is the production of an essentially intangible benefit, either in its own right or as a significant element of a tangible product, which through some form of exchange, satisfies an identified need.AttractionsThe act or capability of attracting is attraction. The beauty of Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture will attract a lot of people with various intentions. As we will also put various other services like VR, panga, they will be attracted more.ExperienceVisiting a historic site makes us more experience and knowledgeable. As we mentioned before this will be great benefit for the checklisters.InfrastructureMughal-gothic or Indo-Gothick architecture has always been a interesting thing to foreigners visiting India for their mixing up British and Mughal archaeology.We can do nowAdvertising Public mediaBillboardTV commercialDead, irrelevant, and factualArchaeo and Ology form the word archaeology, which refers to the scientific study of ancient peoples and past civilizations. One that lasted for a long period can be defined as ancient. Here the problem is, most of our archaeological sites are dead, as the Ahsan Manzil is. It is insensible, inactive and dull.The word archaeology stems from archaea” and “ology, meaning the scientific study of ancient peoples and past civilizations. Ancient, on the other hand, means having lasted from a remote period, existing or occurring in times long past.Another problem is with relevance. Our young generation doesn’t find much interest in mythology, roots, and historical site. They find Ahsan Manzil with other historical sites, irrelevant. As long as we can’t tell them our story, make this relevance to them, we can’t make these sites alive again.Let It Live AgainEach year approximately 3 million people visit Ahsan Manzil, but although we have no statistical report, we all have strong confusions whether they visit an Archaeological site or a park. Center for the Future of Museums said in its 2015 trend report that the average time spent viewing a work of art was 27.2 seconds in 2001 and recently it was found between 4 to 31.Making it relevantMaking it a narrativeIn a shortWhile many sites in Athens, Paris or India battle against over-tourism, our archaeological complexes have not even scratched the surface of their potential. They are like our natural tourism sites having an existential crisis. But, we can bring them back to life by just re-visioning those historical sites as remarkable narratives.ReferenceCommission, T. (n.d.). Preservation Covenants and Easements | – Texas Historical Commission. [online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Apr. 2019].Nayeem, M. (2019). Ahsan Manzil. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Apr. 2019].Renstrom, H. (2017). Undertourism: How to Make Archaeological Sites and Museums More Attractive as Destinations ” The Place Brand Observer. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Apr. 2019].

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