United states has been in an economy partnership with many Essay

United states has been in an economy partnership with many foreign countries over years. Our top 3 trade partners are China, Canada, and Mexico. Over past years our economy has dropped and we started to drift into a lot of dept. Past two years it has improved and we are finally back in the game and making profits. Overall relationships with these economy giants are great, until it comes to crime, illegal immigration and drug smuggling. United States president came up with an idea and that was to build a border wall between us and our neighbors Mexico.

Now Mexico is our 3rd biggest trade partner. If this border security wall ends up built, our relationship with them as well as economy will drop rapidly and we will be moving in the wrong direction over again. Building a wall wont change many things, besides make borders busier and make everybody’s jobs harder.

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United states has been in an economy partnership with many Essay
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During campaign Donald Trump said that he is afraid of United States becoming over populated and that there should be circumstances.

This is one of the reasons that lead him to come up with an idea of building the border wall. He also fears that safety of our country is out of control and there should be taken actions against unwelcomed people. In one of the articles Holpuch, is explaining about the border wall and its main purposes. Keeping the USA apart from the South America, especially from Mexico because of ongoing crimes and poverty would be one of the main reasons. Now days majority of Mexican citizens seek for a better life and try to escape from their motherland on any possible way. Because of a long United States immigration process, most of these people try to enter US on illegal way. Then situations like this make our president afraid of overpopulation and lack of jobs due to immigrants taking over our country. That being said, this statement by Donald Trump did not make any sense, if people are here illegally that means that they can’t legally work either and there shouldn’t be any fear of US citizens jobs being taken over by illegal refuges. One of his first campaigns Trump called out Mexicans and really shook media and whole US with his comments. “Donald Trump has mentioned Mexico frequently since his first day on the campaign trail. The GOP nominee’s first controversial campaign remarks on the country came in his presidential announcement speech, when he called some Mexican immigrants “rapists” and criminals.”(Kopan) Post the final presidential debate, we finally got our new president, Donald J. Trump. Donald kept on judging Mexicans. He keept on accusing them how all of the trouble comes from them and stated many other examples related to braking the law. Reasons like this, made the Mexican nation extremely angry because not all of them are the same people and it is unfair that they as a nation have to take the blame.

Walls construction would have a big impact on United States today. The calculated length should be near thousand miles long. Building a wall could harm our country in many ways. Economy drop would be first and the biggest problem USA would face. Just thinking of wall itself it might sound like something that should protect and help out in safety but when you look at it ask yourself, will US ever even benefit from this plan? “Mexico is the third largest destination of U.S. goods and services after Canada. In 2012, U.S. exports to Mexico totaled $216 billion—more than U.S. exports to Japan and China combined. Close to 80 percent of bilateral trade crosses the U.S.-Mexico land border every day. Six million U.S. jobs are supported by bilateral trade with Mexico, which means that one in 24 workers depend on U.S.-Mexico trade (Marczak).Closing border with this gigantic wall might not be the brightest idea. Trade and business in general would become a big struggle. As it has been proven, Mexico is one of the most important trade partners to USA. Looking at stats they ended up being our 3rd largest trade colleagues in entire world. This states that most of our goods and profit is made from trade with Mexico. Overall, annually about $525 billion dollars’ worth of goods is transported and traded between borders. This nearly half a trillion dollars sums up to about 14% of the whole United States trade market, which might not seem a whole lot but in reality we are talking billions on billions of dollars. So far America has developed approximately 653 miles long wall on the Texas border. If the wall keeps on expending within next few years, we might slowly start to lose relationship between us and South American countries. Building the wall would be an horrible idea. I think everyone is aware of that and the only thing that’s going to bring us a result is harm. As president is aware of possible drastic drop of our economy, he opposed to rest of our government members and stated that Americas security is the number one priority. “President Trump acknowledged Tuesday that closing the southern border with Mexico could damage the United States economy, but said protecting America’s security was more important than trade.”(Swanson/Tankersley)

Although US citizens were promised border security wall, due to no funds wall hasn’t made any progress yet “The report’s estimated price-tag is much higher than a $12-billion figure cited by Trump in his campaign and estimates as high as $15 billion from Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.” (Ainsley) Who would think that building of a wall could be so expensive? Well when it comes to material looks like it could cost anywhere from at least $8 billion and go up to as high as $40 billion dollars. Later on Homeland Security did its calculation and estimated that it shouldn’t cost any more than $20 billion including labor. Overall 60% of the nation was against the border wall. Due to lack of funds, Trump switched up stories and counter attacked with new ideas. He came up with an idea of building a wall from steel and at the same time boost the steel industry “As President Trump describes it, a steel wall along the Mexican border isn’t just about protecting the country from terrorists and drug dealers. It would also be a boon for big steel, and industry.” (Zarroli) Price of the steel wall would be almost 4 billion dollars less, “Despite congressional Democrats’ opposition to Trump’s demands of $5 billion for a border wall, the president Friday seemed determined to force a government shutdown.”(Schoen) As I mentioned earlier in paragraph, building this border security wall is extremely expensive and overtime won’t get any cheaper. It will have a huge effect on our countries business, income, and relations with other trademarked countries. If wall ends up being built, the United States will most likely end up in more debt. So far our country has been doing just fine when it comes to Mexican border. I do not see a need for border wall or any kind of additional barricades. We as a nation need to build relationship with our biggest economy partners instead of pushing them away.

By building the wall not all of the problems would be solved, for example drug smuggling. Ever since 1989 Mexico has used underground channels or crawlways. “April 2016, U.S. law enforcement officials discovered a drug tunnel that ran more than half a mile from Tijuana to San Diego and was equipped with ventilation vents, rails, and electricity.”( Brown-Felbab) By 2019 illegal immigration and smuggling drastically increased, so did the number of the underground tunnels. This is just an example that building a border wall wouldn’t get us anywhere besides additional costs and waste of money. Also by securing border patrol with this lengthy fence, it would be impossible to stop every vehicle coming from Mexico and have it searched at the border. It’s just impossible financially and also would take forever. Other smuggling methods would be drones and drainage system between near towns. This is just a few examples showing that drug smuggling is near impossible to be stopped. Our homicide rate is one of the highest ones in the world. Building a border wall wouldn’t have much of an impact. It has been proven that by 2.5 times native-born Americans are more likely to commit a crime/murder than an foreign-born resident. “Multiple criminological studies show that foreign–born individuals commit much lower levels of crime than do the native-born.”( Brown-Felbab) Building a wall wouldn’t solve any of these problems. What about all of the illegal immigrants that currently live in USA? In 2018, studies show that in between 16 to 20 million illegal immigrants live in United States. Is wall going to solve this problem? The answer is no.

Overall our country is 22 trillion dollars in dept. I’m pretty sure cost for building the wall would just place us in even worse position. Building a wall is not as simple as it sounds. Besides costs to build one here comes the funds for workforce and maintenance. No one is going to work for free and take care of it. Just to maintain that wall it would cost millions of dollars. We would lose one of our biggest economy sources and just dig ourselves deeper into problems. Maybe we could mild this problem on some different way? Maybe just hire more officers and loud up with work force. At the end I think border patrol is good as it is right now. Instead of building walls we should be building relationships.

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