Unit 3: Discussion 2 2 unread replies. 2 2 replies. Directions Adaptive Selling How To Use If For Sales (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. This quote is taken directly from the article you just read. “Adaptive selling is a strategy that requires the sales representative to adapt or customize the selling style based on the behavior of the customer. This method circulates as opposed to formula selling, which is a standardize approach based on a fixed sequence of steps and which does not change with the buying situation.” Given the definition of adaptive selling and formula selling in this paragraph, is there one that would be more successful in a given situation? Why or why not?


Adoptive Selling

In a given situation, adoptive selling may be more beneficial than the formula selling. Adoptive selling is critically important since it conforms to the needs and desires of the consumer (Bhasin, 2018). In a situation for instance, where the consumer needs to make a bulk purchase or situations where the consumer is yet to decide of a specific item to consume/purchase, adoptive selling is the best option. In adoptive selling, the salesperson can listen to the particular needs as explained by the consumer. Subsequently, the sales representative has the opportunity to make a clear factual and logical presentation that would guide the customer to make a good choice on what good or service to consume. When the consumer needs to make informed choices to decide on what to consume, adoptive selling can guide the salesperson from the behavior of the customer on where their utility can be maximized.

There are various situations that consumers approach buyers with, depending on the moods, attitudes, advertisements and other compelling reasons that create the atmosphere for the transaction. A sales representative can capitalize on the personality of the consumer, trigger a conversation that would be beneficial to both the consumer and the buyer hence good sales made. Per se, it is critical since when the consumer can be satisfied with the services, there would be consumer confidence on the salesperson and subsequent trust to the store hence creating a consumer preference and loyalty. A difference in consumer base, market share and competitive advantage.  



Bhasin H. (2018). Adaptive selling & how to use it for sales. Marketing91. Retrieved from https://www.marketing91.com/adaptive-selling-how-to-use-it-for-sales/


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