Unit 18 P1 AND P2 AND M1In this assignments I am going Essay

Unit 18 P1 AND P2 AND M1In this assignments I am going to identify P1 and P2 and I will explain briefly. Below I am going to identify and explain the roles an event organiser must do in order to run an event. And I will be also why it is important as an event organiser to do these tasks and skills.There are many roles that an event organizer plays most in order for their event to succeed and, most importantly, for it to take place, an event organizer is something of a difficult task, as some organizers, such as the venue, have to choose a suitable location that will benefit the event they have set up to also choose a safe location.

They must ensure that people are safe in the environment in which they live and ensure that at their event they have food and drinks to serve those who attend the event, plan and book facilities, because they will need to plan and reserve the facilities, as they will need to plan how the day will go and plan and reserve the facilities because they will have to plan how the day will go and plan how everything will be set up to suit the venue of the event.

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Unit 18 P1 AND P2 AND M1In this assignments I am going Essay
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They will also have to reserve the facilities because they will need the facilities and so they can avoid disappointment because they have reserved the right to use them.Also setting up programme they will have to set up the programme they have planned for the vent so that those who attend the vent know what will be happening during the event while they are there depending on what the organiser has decided it to be they will organize who will do the vent how they would have to carry out and the steps that they will take to carry it out they will have to make sure that those who are going to working at the event will have to follow the instructions given the way. They have to follow the contracts how long they will be working for and how much they will get paid and also they have to follow health and safety rules that has to be followed and will have to give signature and those contracts and once signed employees will have to abide by their contracts and not brake any agreements. Any agreements they have to followed and respected and selling unfair selling practices agreements are met and consumer protection has to be made sure is followed and they all make sure that all customers are given the same fair prices and not sold unfairly.For the organiser they need interpersonal skills and communication skills this is because they will have to be able to communicate well with their audience or customers if they ask questions about products or anything they want to know they have to communicate with them nicely and they will have to ensure they use their communication skills as an event organiser and they will have to be confident and show good use communication, also they will have to show their interpersonal skills they have to show they work well and communicate well with the employees so that they can impress audience and who will be working at the event and also listen to one another and showing a good use of attitude and at the same time still be able to meet their goals of the event whilst showing their skills as well time management is important as an event organiser will have to ensure that they are on time and make sure the event start because if someone booked the venue and they are late for reason or they start late this means on time because if someone has booked the venue after the event and they start late this means that they will to stop the even shorter than hoped and they might loose money which is not good for venue. The event organiser will have to show good problem solving skills to impress the audience and they will have to ensure that they can fix something if there is something wrong and they will be able to handle the situation professionally and accordingly and solving the problems and they have to impress audience and persuade them to look at the things that will be on offer at the event so it will good for the business as being an event organiser you will have to show good planning skills and confidence this is because you have to plan how the event works out and that everything is structured well-disciplined well manner and well thought out and it is up and have to plan everything make sure they follow the plan. They will make sure resources used are not damaged and carefully looked after.In this part of the assignments I am going to discuss the importance of meeting organisational and legal requirements when planning a business event.It is important to meet organisational as the event organiser will have to abide by the organisations requirements. In this case it means that we will have to follow that Spit fields City farm have put into place, as the event organisers will have to meet the organisational requirements of the farm this can include the risk assessment, Health and safety, rules and regulations. This is because they will have to follow the farms rules because it is important and requirements that they have and will have to make sure that there will be no injuries to anyone and everyone must be safe while doing work, we will also have to ensure that the animals on the farm are safe treat better and that our event will not harm them or distrust them in anyway at all, we will have to have suitable wear whilst doing out event on the farm. This is very important as don’t want to anger the manager of the arm, as this could lead to them sending back a negative response on the vents organiser as he or she hasn’t followed the requirements that were put into place for not following the rules.More important thing is that will have to look at the safety of children protection because it is important health and safety of those who attend the farm. Have to ensure that they all follow the rules legal requirements are followed as this could affect the farm and it should be followed because it is important to follow the rules the event organiser will have to ensure that the children are must protected as well as safe, not only children but also families who attend the farm, they will have to ensure that they are also kept. they will have to ensure all animals are not invaded and re also kept safe, as they are important as they are property of the farm, and will have to make sure that the animals are not touched or harmed in a way that upsets the farm and treat fairly.The farm will expect the event organisers to abide by the rules put into place and not broken any things. This is because it could mark a negative response from the manager and send back a negative feedback which will not be good , have to be careful not to make mistakes which means we could lose out on experience, also this is very serious as the farm have allowed us to do events there and if we do not follow of the requirements that they have put into place then they could lose trust in us and they will not going to give permission in the future to do any event.M1Introduction in this task m1 I will be assessing the importance of meeting the organisational and legal requirements when planning my s=event at the Spitalfields City farm. I will be assessing the health and safety, risk, agreements or non-agreements, guest, supplier, protection of consumer and food hygiene.Health and safety- The importance of health and safety is the even at spitalfields farm is that the team need to consider or they have to be careful about the safety of wellbeing and as well as others who visit the farm, workers and volunteers. For example we need to consider not bring sharp objects like knife or any object which is sharp to the venue for the safety of others such as small children. Health and safety is important team members need to be aware of not leaving sharp objects such as plastic knife and forks for safety. They also need to be aware that the farm contains a lot of animals so that they cannot interact with them in an aggressive manner because of the risk of being injured and harmed. Also need to consider that it is important that have to wear appropriate clothing/shoes so that can protected. They are not allowed to walk around bare food and sharp objects that can be injures.Food hygiene- The importance of food hyenic is to be aware that hands must be washed and cleaned after contracting with animals. Product to be sold is yogurt, which we will sell on the farm and it will be handmade. Hand should be cleaned with antibiotics .You have bought plastic gloves that are worn when preparing the yogurt that is made in the farm kitchen also have plastic spoons and soap to remove bacteria. Risk assessment ” The importance of risk assessment is that the members of the team should be aware of all the risks and dangers that occur when we are in the farm. It is important for us to comply with the safety regulations that we were informed about, for example .About the animals we need to be aware of allergies and injuries caused by the farm animals. Suitable clothes and footwear such as shoes are closed so that no sandals are opened .Also informed about injuries caused by the use of tools, heavy lifting and working with heights. Important to consider risk assessments and all.Supplier- The importance of supplies is that we look at costs and research etc. When we buy promotional materials for planning of events. We must be aware that the purchase, such as yogurt, benefits from event dates, so that we can still sell the yogurt to customers. It is also important that we pay the right amount of money to our supplier and also if we can still exchange goods for our money if the goods are not needed during the day of the event, so that we can still return them and get the full money back on the purchase.Contracts/agreements” It is important that we have a farm agreement before the event date so that we have a written agreement from the farm management team that we have permission to have the event at that location. To be able to telephone and talk to the manager to agree that we can locate events at the farm and use their premises to hold the event.Consumer protection- It is important that, for example, we consider consumer protection in accordance with the group of laws designed to guarantee customer rights and fair trade. It is very important to consider these laws, which exist for the protection of customers, and it is also important to prevent fraud in the product.Permission – it is important for the team to request permission when using / borrowing equipment such as tables, chairs, cutlery. The reason is that we do not have a legal right to use farm products without their consent. It is important that we follow all the rules and regulations and also interact in an acceptable manner with customers and other workers, as we represent farms.

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