Unit 1: Discussion 2 No unread replies.No replies. Getting Started on the Final Business Report due Unit 8 ULOs reflected in discussion: Identify potential audiences for business reports (CLO 1) Introduction: The Core Assessment and Final Assignment for this course is a formal business report that you will develop throughout the term. This discussion will help you review the final assignment and start developing ideas for your final project. You do not at this stage have to know what exact idea you are going with for the final report, nor do you need to know what recommendations you will ultimately make (in fact, you probably should not know what recommendations are possible, as you have yet to do any research on your topic). This discussion is an opportunity to kick around some ideas and get feedback that may lead you to your final choice of problem, organization, and audience. Feel free to discuss more than one idea – your peers and instructors might be able to give you feedback that will help you choose between ideas. Directions: Read and consider the final assignment prompt below: Core Assessment GuidelinesPreview the document Write a 250-word post in which you discuss some potential ideas for your final project. What organizations have you been a part of? What are some problems you have encountered in those organizations? Who might be a primary audience in those organizations for a report recommending solutions to the problems you have identified? Who might be a secondary audience? Are there other audiences you might need to consider? When you reply to one another, consider the requirements of the assignment, and you might address some of these questions: Is this a researchable problem? If so, what kinds of sources could the author look for? Does this seem like a topic that would sustain a 9-10 page report? Is this a topic that is appropriate for a report (would a report be necessary to address this problem?) What could you suggest that would help the writer develop their idea? What questions do you have about their ideas? Due Dates: First post due 11:59 p.m., Friday, CT.


The organizations experience has been with charity foundation that deals with resource mobilization to help the less fortunate children get basic education and improved health care. The other organization is a manufacturing plant dealing with consumer goods of personal products like body lotion, bathing soaps and other detergents. Both organizations had internationalized with other branches in various countries.

The biggest problem that faced the organizations were lack comprehensive communication system, incoherent organizational culture and unprotected whistle blower policy. Communications became since employees were not able to have better channels of communication among themselves. In addition, there were no adequate flow of information from the employees to the top management or leadership of the organizations. Information only passed top-downwards and not down upwards in most cases. Organizational culture were not firmly anchored to the mission and vision of the organization. Per se, most employees had the obligation to deliver the jobs within their job descriptions and specification without a clear established modus operandi. Conversely, when employees could detect abuse or misconduct and blew the whistle, they were targeted for retaliatory measures by the management or fellow employees being termed as traitors.

The right audience would be the top management to ensure effective policies are enacted and implemented. The secondary audience would be the team leaders who would be mandated to be the bridge between the top management leadership and the employees to whom the policies would affect significantly. However, the employees would also form an audience since their grievances will seek solutions and due to the fact that implementation heavily relies on them.

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