Unforgettable Incident Essay

The memory of that night is etched in my mind till now. After all, that was the most eventful day of my life, which changed the person I was.Everything started on 18th of November when my aunt sent a car to my mother, a beautiful blue Audi, the latest in 2004. It was raining heavily when we received the car. My brother and I were so excited because we planned to coax mom to give the new car to my brother, as she has already had a car and she refused to give hers to my brother.

The next day we spoke to my father and he agreed to talk to mom and allowed my brother to have that shining blue car.

My brother, my younger sister and I managed to be the most obedient children in the world, we did everything that my mom said, we called her twice or thrice per day to know how she is, we kept pampering her for two and half weeks and finally, in the beginning of September she decided to give him the car but with a condition that he must be home before 12pm.

Our life was getting more and more interesting. Each second was fabulous, he taught me how to drive a car, obviously I was a great L (I call it Loser). Everyday he dropped us at school and fetched us after his class, we were somehow boasting to our relatives whenever they saw us with the car, I bragged about him in my class, some of my girlfriends fell in love with him and wanted me to introduce my brother to them. I thought to myself “How money can bring people to you?” I was disgusted to see more girls around me, bugging me for a lift. I didn’t need someone to nudge me, to realize that this car has brought friends close but enemies closer.

On October 10th, my family and I visited my grandmother for two weeks. She was very happy to see us. She pampered us whenever we visited her. She is very special to us and we love her so much. Her house in the village is one of the biggest; it has a green and flourishing garden, where we spent our spare time with our neighbor’s children.

One great thing in my grandmother’s house is: we all spoke our dialect and for us it’s an opportunity to master it. When she heard that my brother has a car, she complained to my mother and asked her to hire him a driver instead. The days ended soon, and we are back to our same routine back in city.

Once back to the city, we immediately went back to bed because of the exhausting trip. After few weeks my family and I were planning to celebrate Christmas. We finally ended up celebrating it in our house with the family. I went with my mom to buy some provisions; my dad and my brother went to buy the Christmas tree. That night we decorated the tree as well as the house.

On the Christmas day, we had many people, we could barely step through the crowd, and my mother was busy with her siblings. My brother, sister and I were glad to meet our cousins but we were more than glad to have them gone, because we couldn’t wait to discover what Santa Clause had brought for us, since mother refused to let us open the gifts early that morning. After seven days, we celebrated the New Year by wishing everyone a blissful year ahead. The following day my brother and I became very close until being his best friend.

He introduced me to his girlfriend and I was glad that he did. The next day, 25th of January, a close friend of mom came to visit her, and she dined at home. When she was about to leave, my mom asked my brother to drop her at the nearby taxi stand. He accepted and asked me to accompany him. I entered my room but something pushed me to stay, I was indecisive; as I wore my shoes and took them off, he scolded me because I was taking such a long time, the same day our country was playing a football match versus another African country, the roads were deserted, everybody was watching it, finally I told him, that I am not going. Since my brother left that day around 4pm, he never came back.

The night was cold and calm; everyone was at home except him. Suddenly my dad’s phone rang, he rushed to my mom’s door and whispered. They rushed out, unfortunately all the car were not working, I asked my father ‘What is happening?’ he told me ‘Your brother had an accident.’ I felt a chill and everything went black around me. I was fighting back tears and I replied to him ‘Hope he didn’t get hurt’ he said ‘He is fine and we are going to find out what had happened’. Without wasting a minute, I prayed to God for him: to protect him and make sure that he was fine.

Unmoving, I waited my parents return, they got back around 10pm looking anxious, you could read the end of the world on their face, then my father came to me and held me tightly, he told me to be strong, ‘Your brother has left us’. My feeling at that moment was beyond description, I heard screams coming from outside the gate, I thought to myself that it cannot be true, we spoke only a few hours ago and now he is gone, mourners were crying everywhere around the house, our neighbors came, my mom, my poor mom could barely stand, I looked at her and started crying, ‘Oh God! Why did he leave us so young?’ it kept on running in my mind. He was the only son, my only brother, my life was over.

That night was the worst night ever. I was sitting on the table, watching people crying, crawling and rolling on the floor, I couldn’t feel anything, I was like a frame on the wall. My five senses just stopped working, and everything was black. I was present but my thoughts were not. I was breathing but my heart was not controlling the process, only God knows how I felt that night.

The next day, I went to my younger sister as my elder sister was on her way coming back from Belgium. I cuddled her so tightly and I told her that everything would be fine. Our house was crowded but for me it was empty because I couldn’t hear the gentle voice of my brother. My brother was the tallest in the family, he was good looking, kind and admired by everyone. When my elder sister came, the atmosphere got worse than before. She didn’t see him since he was 10 years old. We were waiting for my sister and aunt to come from Europe to fix the burial day. His friends, classmates and even people who were unknown by the family came to pay respect. His girlfriend and parents also came over to extend their sympathies but she couldn’t come to the burial ceremony because she was not strong enough to attend it.

Many people read out the message that they have written to my brother on that day, one of his friends said ‘The days when I was desperate, you held me up, I had no money you bought me food, I had nowhere to go you took me to your house. Thank you, you will always remain as my brother. I love you.’

We prayed for him in the church, the father gave him his last blessing, and buried him, I felt like half of me was gone, people couldn’t believe what had happened .They were shocked and the same goes to my family and I. My grandmother was holding my mom on the way back home, everyone could express their feelings but for mom and dad this sad tragedy was a nightmare, they would have like it to be a true nightmare, so that they could wake up and live the normal and complete life we once had.

What is the point of this new car? It came to facilitate our life or to take a part of us? What if I had stopped him from going? Would God have let him alive? I wish there was a reverse button to live a life over again.

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