Unemployment and GDP


  • Please read these instructions carefully and follow them closely. Your answers will be assessed partly on the basis of how well you adhere to the instructions.
  • Do keep in mind that penalties for plagiarism (copying from others or from other sources including the internet) can be very severe. Griffith has very, very advanced software to identify plagiarism. We encourage you to DISCUSS your ideas with fellow students, but COPYING answers will not be tolerated.
  • The Marking guide is posted in the Assessment area of the course website. Other useful information is also available there
  • Deadline for submission is 23:59 (11:59PM), 22 May 2016. Each question is worth 10 marks. In total, the assignment is worth 30 marks representing 30% of your total 1303AFE assessment
  • You can visit tutors during consultation times for help. They will help students with the technical aspects of the assignment. They are not allowed to check answers. They can show student how to use the google website for question Q3 or how to solve simultaneous equations. See course website for consultation times.




  • There are four versions of the assignment. Each students has been randomly allocated to one version of the assignment: A, B, C or D. Each students has also been assigned to a country (for Question 3). Visit “Markcentre” via the course website and look up which version you belong to and your country. Failure to use either the correct version and country will result in the student being awarded 0 marks for the assignment.
  • Answer the three questions below using a Word processor in either a “.doc” “.docx” or “.pdf” format. Failure to submit in these formats will result in the student being awarded 0 marks for the assignment. It is not possible to submit hard copies of the assignment to the lecturer or tutors. All assignments must be submitted online.
  • Include a reference list and acknowledging the sources of the information that you have used in your answers. Failure to reference and acknowledge sources will be severely punished. For more information see “assessment”
  • The maximum length for each question is 500 words (1,500 words in total). The reference list will not be counted. Please use 12-point font, 1.5- spaced format. Answers that are greater than 500 words will be attract a 50% reduction in marks.
  • Final version to be submitted on the course website via the submission point in “assessment > 1303 assignment > final submission point” on Learning@Griffith. Late submissions will be penalized 3 marks per day late.
  • In addition to submitting the assignment, please complete the cover sheet quiz in “assessment > 1303 assignment” on Learning@Griffith. Failure to do so will result in automatic failure and the student being awarded 0 marks.
  • Medical certificates or other approved reasons: these will merely allow for an extension of the due date, not allow the student to miss the assignment without penalty. These reasons must cover the entire duration of the assignment period. A medical certificate covering only part of the assignment period will not suffice.
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