ucas final Essay

”Aut inveniam viam aut faciam”, the famous quote from Hannibal Barca,which translates to ‘I shall either find a way or make one’, has beenmy philosophy in life.

Although I didn’t study economics,in my high school, I was always passionate about it . Economics offers various different learning opportunities. It is an amazingly versatile subject, where there’s always something more to learn and understand. I believe, a person should have at least a basic understanding of economics, to become an aware citizen.

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ucas final Essay
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In order to expand my views on economics, I read quite a few books. “Small is Beautiful” by E.F Schumacher was one of my initial books on economics What excites me the most about this particular book is that Schumacher had predicted many of the issues we as a planet are now facing, such as reliance on imports and exports, the energy crisis, issues with oil consumption and dual economies in developing countries. The text is insightful and intellectual whilst still being to-the-point and easy to read.

This book is regarded of the best reads for economics because, rather than suggesting particular solutions, this influential book offers principles to guide strategies. Furthermore, Economics has 3 broad categories, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics. To have basic knowledge on these, I read books by Dr S K Agarwala on Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, and the book “Basic Econometrics” by Damodar N Gujarati, which gives an comprehensive view on Econometrics.

Another way I try to get to know more about the subject is by watching online videos. The animations help in visualising the economic techniques and laws. They provide real life scenarios and increase the practical learning. They covered topics such as Supply, demand, Inflation, bubbles and tulips, fiscal policy and stimulus, recession, hyperinflation and stagflation, etc.

The reason I’m so fascinated by economics is that Mathematics is an integral part of it. Mathematics is one of my favourite subjects, because of the logic and analytics involved in it. Mathematics and statistics are like, resolving challenges and the reward is, personal satisfaction. Whenever I work hard on a complex problem, and solve it, the sense of achievement I get from it, is unparalleled. I was an active participant in the Mathematics Olympiad in my school days, even winning some of them at school level. Mathematics made me find logic behind anything and everything happening around me giving me a new perspective to look at things. Along with Math, I find finance quite fascinating. To understand how Money is so important in our life, and all the policies that govern the flow of it makes me want to explore more about it.

I fancy taking Leadership roles in life. I was the House captain in my school and led my house to various wins in intra school competitions. Communicating effectively with group members is one of the greatest strength I possess. Taking part in Model United Nations, Badminton district level competitions, etc also helped me to grow as a person.

Working with the World Wide fund (WWF), Willing Hearts (soup kitchen), and The Singapore Zoo as a volunteer, has taught me the need to be of service to the planet, and its inhabitants. In addition to compassion and empathy, these experiences have taught me patience, hard work, and more importantly, have contributed to my interactive skills, enabling me to have impactful conversations with the visitors.

I believe, an undergraduate degree from one of the top colleges, is perfect for the nourishment of young and inquisitive minds. I believe these universities will help me in realizing my potential, moulding my career and would act as a springboard, from where I can excel in the journey that life is.

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