Type 2 Diabetes with Complication Risk Factors

There are total six dependent variables with binary response (yes and no), these are diabetes with Ketoacidosis, diabetes with hyperosmolarity, diabetes with renal manifestations, diabetes with ophthalmic manifestations, diabetes with neurological manifestations, diabetes with peripheral circulatory disorders, and 13 independent variables Gender (male, female) and female was the references for gender ,so it is female compare to male , Race (white, Black, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander, Native American and other) white was the references for race group , family history of diabetes, obesity, smoking, alcohol related disorders, Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, Asthma, Vitamin D deficiency and age. The significance of these 13 risk factors are tested against each of the diabetes complication.(18-24), (25-34), (35-49), (50-64) and (65 and older). The first category (18-24) is considered as the reference category in order to compare with the other

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