Two Ways of Viewing the River Essay

For Samuel Clemens, realism is not a fictitious technique. It is a way of speaking, liberating and relating true agendas from conventions. From the essay, it would be concluded that life is a like a river that continuously changes.

The story dramatizes Twain’s image of a pleasant community. On a raft, above all things, everybody wants to feel right, satisfied, mutually respected and kind to each other. Upon changes, the steamboat is then a product of the besieged progress from the simple world of raft(Project, 2001).

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Two Ways of Viewing the River Essay
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But the mythic reflection of the river that suddenly changes could wipe out instantly a steamboat. Just like ones life, a sudden change could then happen.

Twain’s characteristic theme is the basis of the humor of his story. The work is between the relationship of reality and illusion that is wobbly. The continuously effect of the changing river is a magnificent central feature of his imaginative landscaping but very deceptive(Project, 2001).

His way of describing the surroundings is well detailed.

He gave shaped to the river, and made fixed figures out of it upon describing the events in the story giving insights on the surrounding and attached was   his central thought. Furthermore, he keeps his essay appealing and fresh by signifying the boats passage into safety from the depth of the water. He gives a moral wisdom then from the pilot’s responsibility too.

Samuel Clemens, used the pen name of Mark Twain, and his style of writing is an influence of the early 19th-century American writers that is too fancy, sentimental and pretentious. But from this, Twain came up to make his own style which is  based on enthusiastic, practical  and idiomatic American speech contributing to a national voice for American writers. Pertaining to the doctor, he is just giving a insight that for all the medications and health consciousness advise that we get from them, still we could not deny the fact that soon  just like the steamboat our life will change. We could catch a disease; get old and later when our time lapse, we die. He is just showing some bitterness to doctors.


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