TV Cooking Show Essay

Ever sit at home with nothing to do? That’s how I feel all the time! Especially when I’m off from school, work, and simply everything. When I have nothing to do, my basic routine is to sit on the couch with my dog and turn on the TV. If Disney Channel is not an option to watch, I would turn to channel fifty-three, the Food Network.

Watching the Food Network brightens my knowledge to a variety of cooking. The show taught me how to filet a fish, how to grill a lobster to perfection, and how to make one amazing pork chop.

To be honest, without the Food Network shows, I would still be able to cook, but the foods would not be as good and flavorful. If I did not watch any cooking show, the only way for me to cook would be out of my crock pot. My foods without any lessons from the TV would be plain, tasteless, and simple.

Being a student at Louisiana Culinary Institute, cooking and baking hold a very promising place in my life. Although it’s out of boredom that I watch the Food Network, cooking and baking is what I do everyday. Growing up I loved watching my mom and grandma do what they do best in the kitchen – cooking. Admiring and watching them brought me to my passion in the culinary field. Watching them cook taught me a few things as well. Even though my cooking can not be compared to theirs, it does come pretty close.

When I watch the Food Network, my favorite show is “Diners, Dive-Ins, and Dives” with the host and chef, Guy Fieri. This show is perfect for me because I love to travel and I love to eat. The show is about Guy Fieri’s quest around the world to find the best diners that serve the best foods. Good foods, cheap prices, lay-back locations, and traveling is all that I can ask for, and this show have gotten my vote. Not only do I find out where to eat, I also learn how some of these amazing foods are prepared. What more can I ask for?

Every year, traveling is always on my calendar and agenda. When I travel, the most important thing is location, where to eat, and prices. Watching “Diners, Dive-Ins, and Dives” helps me know where I can go to eat when I’m out of town and help me save money. The thing that is so interesting when I watch Guy Fieri’s show is that anything that I crave for at home, I can make for myself if the restaurant is not around.

The show taught me how to cook delicious foods within my price range. Watching the show helps me plan any road-trips much easier. It doesn’t matter where I travel, Guy Fieri can always refer me to a good place to dine.

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