Tsunami vs Hurricane Essay

Tsunamis and hurricanes are nature’s furies. They both create disasters and destruction in the world. But, tsunamis and hurricanes are different in their respective ways. A tsunami is a series of ocean waves, which is caused by surges of water reaching heights of 100 feet or more. A hurricane, on the other hand, is a powerful storm. When talking of the origin of tsunamis and hurricanes, they are formed by two different forces. Hurricanes are formed over warm ocean waters during warm months.

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Tsunami vs Hurricane Essay
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They draw heat from warm, moist ocean air and release it through condensation of water vapor in thunderstorms. As opposed to hurricanes, tsunamis are caused by volcanic explosions, landslides and other underwater explosions. Any type of disturbance above or below the water can possibly cause a tsunami. Hurricanes are considered to have a diameter of about 400 to 500 miles and the eye or center of it can be about 20 miles across. It is very calm at the eye part with very low winds and clear skies.

But the eye is surrounded by a circular eye wall that has the storm’s strongest winds and rain. In contrast, a tsunami is composed of a series of waves, called a wave train, so its destructive force may be compounded as the waves reach shore. Anyone experiencing a tsunami should always remember that the danger may not have passed with the first wave. They should await word that it is safe to return home. Tsunamis generally occur in the Pacific Ocean, a geologically active area where structural deformation shifts make volcanoes and earthquakes common.

Hurricanes can occur anywhere, and they come under different names in different parts of the world. In the Atlantic or the Caribbean, it would be called storms and typhoons in the western Pacific Ocean, and cyclones over the Indian Ocean. The best way to deal with a hurricane is an accurate forecast that gives people time to get out of its way, and the same for a tsunami. Both hurricanes and tsunamis bring about a lot of rain, wind, and water. They both are very destructive.

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