Travel with Companion Essay

After working hard or finishing courses, many people want to have a tour which they have fun and relax. Many people like to travel with a companion ; other people prefer to travel alone.

So I love traveling with friends more than traveling alone because it is convenient and brings me a lot of memories.

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Travel with Companion Essay
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Firstly, traveling with my best friends is great and gives me many nice memories. Also, it brings more fun because you can do a lot of things, and different people have different ideas on what to do.

For example, we can go sightseeing, eat and take photos together. For one thing, I can share happiness with others instead of enjoying it lonely even the landscape is really graceful. For another thing, we can take care of each other because we are friends.

On the other hand, I can save tour expenditure when traveling with friends. That is a reason why many people do not like to travel alone. I can rent double rooms, king-size rooms instead of renting only a single room. Besides, I think it is a bit troublesome to travel with friends because I will always feel safe, especially if I am going to somewhere dangerous. For instance, if I am travel sick and need to take medicine, someone can help me.

In conclusion, I assured that my tour will be happier if I go with my friends. This brings nice memories and convenience to me. Therefore, I can enjoy my tour wonderfully.

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