Transition from Highschool to University Essay

Transition of first year students into the university can be difficult for some students as they are required to adapt into a new environment and learning styles that is different from what they have learned during their previous years in school. This report will provide a discussion about the issues affecting the transition of first year students into university life using the topics discussed in FAP101 and other related texts. There are different issues identified in this report and recommendations have also been provided in order to help students in their first year in university and also to help institutions to help their students adapt into university environments and learning styles.

These recommendations are as follows;

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Transition from Highschool to University Essay
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  • It is essential for universities to introduce or update orientation programs for students before starting university.
  • Institutions should let the students know about the workloads, the assessment styles and writing conventions during the orientation week.
  • It is also important for the institutions to provide highly trained tutors that can work with students to help them with their problems or uncertainty about the topics in a particular course subject.

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