Training Program Proposal

Weekly Reflection #6

750 Word Min.

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Training Program Proposal
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Training Program Proposal

For some companies, training and development can be an expense that often requires more justification than other human resource management functions. In a global environment, the training requirements may be more pronounced than domestic training. However, the consequences of not providing training and development for expatriates may be very serious.

For this reflection, develop a strategic rationale for a global training and development function within a company expecting to enter a global business environment.

Discuss each of the following listed below in one post:

  1. Identify specific goals and objectives for a global training and development program.
  1. Discuss why international learning is different from learning in a domestic environment.
  2. Identify and propose a global training system that could be used for developing talent for global competition.

Grading Criteria and Guidelines


Your reflections should be 750 words in length.

You are required to respond with depth, breadth and insight to the reflection question(s). Your reflection must be tied back to the chapter material and outside research is highly encouraged.

Properly format your reflection so  I can clearly discern which section of the post you are addressing and it does not appear as one long paragraph. The use of section headings is highly encouraged to organize your reflection.

Always cite your sources.

Response to the topic was…

  • on time
  • demonstrates outstanding knowledge of the subject matter through an understanding of the reading and specifically references the readings
  • integrates the principles of the reading for the week with other material (either from this class, previous classes, additional sources and/or personal experience) in an original and creative way
  • analyzes readings incorporating your own ideas and applies your own learning from the readings and/or your own experiences

Other points to remember:

  • Proper grammar, spelling, and formatting should be used – these are academic content discussions … not chat sessions
  • Ideas and responses are logical and well supported.
  • Pay attention to the instructions and deadlines.
  • Quality is more important than Quantity


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