Training Manager: Global Corporation

You are an experienced Training Manager with a global corporation.  The corporation has hired 20 new employees and assigned them to various positions as trainers.  Some will be working on teams developing and conducting skills training for various jobs in the corporation; others will work with teams training supervisors, managers, and executives.  The 20 new hires have been assembled for a week-long, mandatory, basic train-the-trainer program run by the HQ Training and Development (T&D) group.  As usual, one of the Training Managers is expected to make brief opening remarks welcoming the new hires; this time you have been tasked with this.  Having sat through some very mundane opening remarks for previous programs, your plan is to inspire this group to do well in the class and their new jobs by describing the five (5) training and development ideas/concepts you consider most important for them to learn. Your goal for your speech is to have the new hires actually think about and remember the five ideas.

The new trainers are recent college graduates with no corporate training experience.  The information for your presentation is in the book – Effective Training by Blanchard and Thacker.  Since you do not have time to cover everything in your brief remarks, you plan to focus on the five ideas/concepts that you consider most important for them to learn.  Knowledge of the topics will increase their effectiveness in the corporation and help them in their professional training and development careers.


 Your task is to develop an outline and a script for a short talk/speech. 

 The guidelines for your draft presentation/talk/speech

You can select only five topics. The outline should be topic or key word format and is limited to one page.  A sample outline is attached.  Do not cut and paste the sample. Your script should not exceed 1,800 words.  Other than the outline, do not prepare anything beyond the transcript of your talk [no graphs, charts, PowerPoint slides, or visuals].  Your submission should contain the following:  a cover page (with Turnitin score), a one page outline, a script of the speech (up to 1800 words – with APA citations), and a References page in good APA style

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