Traffic Rules Essay

Rules are meant to break. This is a common saying among the Teens to their parents and teachers. Whether they do it or not, we Indians do break the Traffic Rules to our level best at least in small lanes. The only way to inculcate any rules within us is to create a fear of punishment for breaking it. Though the fear of punishment for breaking the traffic rules is very high, which is: ‘Accident’ we neglect it until it happens right in front of our eyes.

So the only other option to make ourselves proactive is fear of punishment by the City Traffic Police.

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Traffic Rules Essay
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In other words our whole lives in the roads are in the hands of City Traffic Police. The Government needs to allocate more funding to their department, to fix CCTV in all roads of India, be that village or city. Monitoring this CCTV can prevent bribery as well as capturing of the vehicle numbers crossing the rules.

Though the CCTV is partially setup in major roads of the metropolitan cities, the accidents can only be completely ruled out if setup in the whole network of even small lanes throughout India.

Secondly we need to check on Traffic Police Bribery. People need to be really fined and not just let go with stuffing some money in their Police hands. Since breaking the traffic rules, affects everyone on the roads, it becomes a social responsibility to check bribery of the Traffic Police. To act upon, may be we can use the webcam in our mobile to capture this bribery where ever found – upload it in youtube, facebook etc… and go ahead and file a complaint in the city traffic police websites like with a link to the uploaded bribery video. When this happens: there will be a revolution which nearly may stop bribery at any place. Surely no one wants to see their faces in the youtube as an offender, be that the person who gives or receives the bribe.

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