Tourism in Qatar Essay

Life in Qatar

            As for those yuppies that wants to spend much of their night on the bars and restaurants of Qatar, there is a requirement in order for an individual can buy alcohol on various stores in Qatar. Qatar’s government only allows an individual to buy alcohol up to 10 percent of his income and one must first secure a permit from his employer before buying alcohol drinks in Qatar (, 2007).

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Tourism in Qatar Essay
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Though the government allows the buying of alcohol on their hotels and bars, a person can be put into jail if he behaves drunk in the public or drives under the influence of alcohol.

Furthermore, there are only limited places wherein one can buy alcohol drinks. The Qatar Distribution Company is the only legal shop that sells alcohol beverages in Qatar. Though hotels and bars also offer alcohol beverages but they must be supplied by Qatar Distribution Company in order for them to operate legally.

            As for those safety-conscious people, Qatar has almost zero crime rates primarily because of its strict and harsh punishments for those offenders of their laws.

People choose not to commit violations for they are afraid from the weight of possible punishment that the government officials of Qatar will award to them. Actually most of the Muslim countries have strict policies and grave punishments in order to promote discipline and with accordance to their religion.

            Furthermore, Qataris are just minorities in Qatar and most of its population is being dominated by Filipinos, Indians, Africans and Egyptians to name a few. This only suggests that foreigners in Qatar oftentimes find their way of permanently staying in the said country or primarily because of the booming tourism industry on the said country. It is already normal to see large number of foreign nationals on the streets of Qatar for most of their population is being comprised by foreigners.

            Cost of foods in Qatar is cheaper relative to other country and there are a lot of varieties of food to choose from. Like for instance, a vegetarian Indian would only spend two dollars for a single meal in most cafeterias in Qatar. Restaurants are almost everywhere in Qatar and therefore prices are really cheap in order for this establishments to attract more customers especially foreigners.

            Shopping centers and entertainment places can be found on every corners of Qatar especially in Doha. People enjoy varieties of products from other countries with relatively low and reasonable price. Huge malls and traditional markets provide extraordinary shopping experience to most foreigners that visit Qatar’s shopping centers. Qatar’s City Center renders Western and Arabic movies where everyone can enjoy is also one of he best spots for foreign visitors of Qatar.

Tourist Sites in Qatar

            Corniche Bay, a 7-kilometer long stretch wherein most parks of Qatar can be found are just one of the most attractive places in the said country. One of the popular parks in Corniche Bay would be the Al-Rumaila Park known for its greenery surroundings and a nice place to relax. Foreigners find the said place good for walking, cycling, and the perfect place for family picnics and outings. Restaurants are also available in Corniche Bay perfect for dating and family gathering. All of the surroundings of Corniche Bay are perfectly landscaped contributing for its sceneries to become more attractive. Tourist can also have a clear view of Qatar’s Palm Tree Island in Corniche Bay and an enjoyable ride on camels around the Corniche Bay.

            Another tourist attraction in Qatar would be the Ethnographic Museum where the historical background of the said country can mostly be found and the kind of lifestyles Qataris have decades ago (, 2008b). The said museum was artistically constructed 1935 which most foreigners find amazing. This museum attracts thousands of tourist and one of the main contributors of the booming tourism industry in Qatar.

            Qatar’s Khor Al Udeid Beach, also known as the “Inland Beach” is one of the most tourist attractions in Qatar that provide tranquil environment of the said country. Though there are no proper roads available to reach this spectacular tourist site, but the breathtaking scenery along the coast of this beach plus its tall and beautifully shaped dunes worth the great effort from traveling long hours to get into this tourist spot.

            The Entertainment City of Qatar also attracts large number of tourist every year and the perfect place of children for it offers different facilities for children’s adventure. Located at the West Bay area of Qatar, the Entertainment City also provides several activities to all age groups and the ideal spot for family to enjoy and relax (, 2008a). There is also rest house available in the Entertainment City, artificial lagoon as well as theater where everyone can have memorable experiences while visiting Qatar.

            The Doha Zoo, situated in Salwa Road and only 20 kilometers away from Doha, is designed to hold the attention of children which gives the latter a chance to see native animal species of Qatar and traditional zoo animals in a more controlled environment. The said zoo houses more than 1,500 animals with 150 different species. The Doha zoo provides different species of mammals and exciting collection of reptiles and birds.

            The last but not the least tourist attraction in Qatar would be their Oryx Farm and Equestrian Club wherein it houses Qatar’s national animal- Oryx. Oryx which nearly on its extinction, is presently being treated on Oryx Farm and Equestrian Club along with other endangered animals through providing natural surrounding under the supervision of staffs of the said Club (, 2008c). The Oryx Farm and Equestrian Club attract not only children but also animal lovers who want to see how Qataris conserve their wild life.

Role of Qatar Airways

            Qatar Airways, one of the major airline companies that provide traveling services going to Qatar, provide enough efforts for the tourism industry to further boom in Qatar. With its great and relaxing services and advertisement to most various international airports around the globe to visit Qatar and avail their traveling services.

            With the growing operation of Qatar Airways on the airline industry around the globe, people can now start considering Qatar as one of the perfect place for vacation. People oftentimes find it costly to travel though connecting flights going to Qatar, but with the operational expansion of Qatar, tourist can now have a direct flight from their country going to Qatar.

Like for instance, Qatar is currently working on providing weekly nonstop flights from Houston’s George Bush International Airport to Qatar’s Doha International Airports which would expectedly provide more tourists to visit Qatar every year. With Qatar Airways’ promotional activities, they were able to attract potential tourist for Qatar. Even those foreigners that do not have any idea of the tourist spots that Qatar have and those that are under budget constraints, with Qatar Airways discounts and promotional strategies, they start considering having a visit in Qatar.

            With this growing business operation of Qatar Airways, it indirectly helps the tourism industry to further boom in the Qatar’s market. Moreover, in order for Qatar Airways to accommodate more foreign passengers from various countries going to Qatar, the management of Qatar Airways plans to purchase an additional of 20 Airbus A350-800’s and 20 A350-1000s in the next coming years to take the opportunity of growing number of foreigners visiting Qatar for the past years (, 2008). The government of Qatar is also making an initiative of renovating the facilities of Doha International Airport in response to the growing operations of Qatar Airways and the growing number of tourists that visits Qatar’s tourist destinations every year.

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