Tour of Mount Vernon

oyby:  “Touring George Washington’s Estate At Mount Vernon!”  January 4, 2019. Date Accessed:


Online Museum Tour Reflection Essay: Tour of Mount Vernon (15 points):

This video review involves watching the video and writing a 1-2 page reflection essay, summarizing the video and their thoughts about this subject. Some aspects to consider are how the video was presented, the organization of either the museum/plantation being reviewed, the artifacts/items on exhibit, the architecture, the supporting text, etc. Do not hesitate to pause and/or rewind these videos if necessary.  A maximum of 2 points will be deducted for poor spelling/grammar in each review, as there is no excuse for that in a take-home assignment; be sure to have your papers proofread by someone else and/or run through a spelling/grammar check. Six points will be based on the content information of the video relating to the museum tour and six points will be based on the student’s ideas and insight.  Two points will be based on the use of in-text citations in citing the video and an additional point for the proper bibliographic citation of the video in the works cited section.  Please note that the video is the ONLY source that students are allowed to use for this assignment:  as with other assignments, students will receive a 0 if outside sources are cited and ten points will be deducted from the overall grade for academic dishonesty (ie: plagiarism). After each time that a student takes a fact, idea, or a direct quote (which needs quotation marks) from the video, then there needs to be an internal citation with the author’s last name and the minute number or spread of minute numbers (no more than two minutes).

Tour of Mount Vernon 1

This is an example of a proper citation: (Delight 7).  Be sure to have a work cited section at the end of your paper where you provide a proper bibliographic citation of the video (remember that this is your only source) with the author’s last, first names, the title of the video in quotation marks. The date that the video was posted.  The url of the video. The date that you accessed the video.  Be sure to indent three spaces in the second line.  I have all of that information for each video at the bottom of this assignment.

They are to be submitted through the Assignments section of Canvas.  No late assignments will be accepted, so students are encouraged to submit them asap in case an emergency occurs on or near the deadline.  I hope that everyone enjoys these videos and that all goes well.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

oyby:  “Touring George Washington’s Estate At Mount Vernon!”  January 4, 2019. Date Accessed:

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