Tittle of Speech: ALARM CLOCKSGeneral Purpose: To inform my audience about why waking up by alarm is bad.Specific Purpose: Reason why wake up by alarm is bad.Statement Central Idea: Reason why wake up by alarm is bad because it can affect our mood, lack of sleep and unhealthy habit for your body.Main point: 1. Wake by alarm can affect our mood.

2. Wake by alarm can cause a lack of sleep.3. Can be unhealthy habit.Main point 1: wake by alarm can affect our mood.Set your alarm and bring yourself to get up which is alarm disturb our soundless sleep and we have to wake up from our favorite bed which is cozy and warm. We react badly to the alarm that we been set because we have been keep it in our mind and our body to dislike the blare of the alarm.We must have thought that liven up by alarm can put us in a bad mood.

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By waking by using alarm can be a factor why we having a bad mood although it still in the morning. Before we wake up, our body will release stress hormone that waking us up from heavy sleeper. This problem is the logically thought why our bodies prefer to take it slow than have to wake up because of alarm. Even your bodies want to sleep more but we come across no choice but still need to wake up because we don’t want to be late to school or work.Just alarm clocks alone it can make us grumpy when were still tired. This is because we have zero intention and literally aren’t looking forward to school or work and it sometimes can change our attitude for the whole day.Main point 2: Wake by alarm can cause a lack of sleep. By setting up our alarm it can cause a lack of sleep as we posses to bring our worn out body to get organized for the day. Snooze alarm for 5 or more minutes surprising is not consider as an I want more sleep because throughout that minutes, our body and brain by this time already wake up and active. Which is got you no option but have to wake up. While we getting familiar to our alarm, from time to time, our body wake up by it even when we still need some sleep. Didn’t getting full measure sleep will be the root of our lost main point on our work or school. We will start to feel weak and maybe fall asleep during the day. As we lose concentrate, it can risk an accident or injury at home, work and even more worse on the highway.An alarm clock is one of the points of the sickness of sleep deprivation. According to link ( in the year January 2018, sleep deprivation which is make your body feel alert of the alarm and lead to the result of lack of sleep. Neutrally how we set our alarm, we also already setting our brain to keep in mind that is the time we want or need to wake up. At the moment we keep remain your body and brain to wake up on time, it just making ourselves sleeping full of stress as well in the uncomfortable ways. Insufficient sleep can puts us at the possibility of serious conditions. Unhealthy life can lead to shorten your life expectancy.Main point 3: Can be unhealthy habit.Research of the National Institute in Japan ( ) explains that, approval in use an alarm clock can be unacceptable for our heart as we responsive to a noise of the ring of alarm. Higher blood pressure and heart rate can occur when we awake unexpectedly from our good sleep. Apart from that, it as well can raise blood pressure and add on to the stress levels of adrenaline rushing. Our alarm may have startle us and leave our heart racing. We may have become familiar to become conscious this way even when we set our alarm in a noiseless bells or our favorite song. To be expected, this will blow up at the wrong timing during our sleep cycle and we get some shut-eye and the alarm vibrate us from wide awake. The emotional response of this cycle of unhealthy unintentional bodily reactions such as adrenaline rush, heart rate and blood pressure. A study established that people who woken up abruptly from sleep had high blood pressure and rise heart rate comparing to those you wake up on their own.After some time has passed, somehow we manage to shut our eyes and brain off to rest with the alarm clock turn off. Alarm clock control over us that went to sleep without an alarm turned on has a good possible that we free to sleep as much as we want. Have you all having thought what would occur if we let our bodies act when we wake up and not the machine? This means that our bodies addict to the alarm. Which is we get up because we feel insecure about how much we been sleep. We gotten to use to set up how much we need to sleep because we been set up how much we need to sleep and from bed on the limited time. REFERENCESLibby Galvin. Experts Say Relying Alarm Actually Deplete Sleep. Daily Mail, April 2018. ( Bagley. Snooze Alarm: Sleep and Endocrine Health. Endocrine News, April 2016.(

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