Top tips for writing best Costco essay-2022

Are you applying for college? Probably, you have heard about the common app essay required by many colleges. How would you write your essay for you to get accepted into the college of your dream?

Brittany Stinson is one applicant who wrote the Costco essay and managed to get acceptance to various Ivy League schools. This post will teach you how to use Stinson’s Costco essay to achieve the best common app essay.

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Top tips for writing best Costco essay-2022
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What is a common app essay?

A common app essay is a personal statement that offers students the opportunity to express who they are. The essay helps the admission committee look at the student’s personality beyond the student’s grades or extracurricular activities.

What is a Costco essay?

This is an essay Brittany Stinson submitted in 2016 about her experiences in the Costco stores. The essay was interesting and had a Costco theme. She wrote of how her experiences in the Costco stores affected her personality and interest in studies.

Costco essay

Brittany Stinson, a student seeking university entrance, wrote the Costco essay. It describes her relationship with Costco stores since she was a child. Her essay had a one-of-a-kind description. It showed her true self and defined her personality.

She linked universities in the world. Yale, Stanford, Penn State, Cornell, Dartmouth, and Columbia are the schools in question her adolescent forays inside the shop to her unique talents and strengths. In her essay, she discussed how such characteristics influenced her desire to learn. Brittney’s article went viral, and she received offers from five of the greatest

What made Costco essay a success?

Costco’s essay success depended  on the following factors;

Choosing a unique topic.

A good topic gives you direction and how you will approach it. When choosing a topic, think of your interests, talents, and desires. The topic of the Costco essay influenced its success.

Stinson talked about her experiences at the Costco stores, which was a unique topic. The topic enabled her to express what she loved doing. The incidents at the Costco stores portrayed her as an outstanding student who learned from experiences.

Nice underlying theme

Brittany’s Costco theme viewed her as a determined explorer who could battle the natural need to learn more. Brittany was able to integrate her growth with her adventures.


The use of tone in the Costco girl essay was another remarkable feature. It was humorous but also serious. Her essay stood out because of the intermingling of the two styles.

Tips for writing a Costco essay

It is important to understand that it is not compulsory to write about Costco. You can take a page from her book and compose your own. It is not good to use the Costco essay sample because it is already written. The format will be monotonous. Create a one-of-a-kind essay.


Refrain from using someone else’s concepts and instead rely on your own unique experience. Consider your experiences from a different perspective. Do not give a Costco essay that will be forgotten in 10 minutes. Make it interesting. Keep in mind that this essay is the one thing that will differentiate you from the other applicants.

Clear expressions

Make use of metaphors. This is because the metaphorical language allows you to express yourself freely. The essay should give the admissions committee the impression that they will get to know you. By doing so, you will be able to tell a story that people can relate to.

Avoid overdoing it.

Examine your Costco essay for any connections between your skills and academic areas. Keep in mind that this is a Costco college essay, not a letter to a friend on how the holidays went. It’s an essay that is designed to put you ahead of the competition.

Be honest

Any form of exaggeration won’t help you. This is not a script, so be straightforward and honest. Write about who you are rather than who you want to be. If you are chosen, you will have little trouble convincing others that you are a different person.

Be unafraid to take risks.

The key to success is self-assurance. Using your own words, demonstrate your willpower. Make every effort to persuade the panel that you deserve to be chosen.

Go through your work

Go over your essay and correct any grammatical or spelling errors. In these cases, spelling and grammatical faults are a letdown. It conveys from the appearance that you are a terrible person.

Why Costco college essay may not be a suitable model?

It is recommended that applicants read the Costco essay. It’s a fantastic illustration of how actual and impactful personal remarks can be. It also demonstrates how common app essays should be written. Please look at how the Costco girl took advantage of language difficulty to her edge.

Many effective personal statements address serious issues. These topics involve money, labor, social class, and other serious issues. The challenge and perplexity of deciding what to write about will undoubtedly occur.

To get over this, have faith in yourself and your limitations. Read the Costco college essay and attempt to understand it. Figure out why it was accepted, compare it to your own beliefs and grasp the concept. Look for other positive examples if you don’t discover anything worthwhile. Take on the concepts and develop your thoughts. If the samples are overwhelming, take a break and focus on your thoughts.

To sum it up

There are no specific guidelines for common app essays. All you have to do is introduce yourself and highlight your qualities, accomplishments, and skills. Don’t brag, but let the admissions committee know who you are. Allow them access to your personal space.

Make the most of your background by combining it and presenting it well. Don’t limit yourself to a single subject. Personal statements are so comprehensive, that you can write what you want.

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