Top Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answer Essay

10 Unique Scrum Master Interview Questions with AnswersSoftware development projects have largely started embracing agile methodology in recent years. According to a report given by the project management institute (PMI), more than 71% of companies have started implementing an agile approach in their development projects. This means both the employee and the employer has pressure on them to find the right job and hire the right resource. The employees started focusing on attending scrum master Certification training to gain knowledge and land in the right job.

Now the challenge is for the employers to identify the talent from the pool of candidates who attend CSM Training. All are equally qualified. So we have listed a set of 10 questions that you can ask the candidates who come for an interview. Also, we have given the answers to those questions to evaluate the best candidate. How to get the team which is reluctant to work on agile methodology? Ok, the right answer to this question as all expect is not the scrum master to take lead and advice team and change their mindset.

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Top Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answer Essay
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Instead, scrum master should walk a fine line and give a basic input about the benefits of working in the Scrum framework and let the team find its benefits on their own. In case any individual continuously throws attitude then reassign them a different project will help both the team and the individual. As a scrum master will you allow your team members to play your role in your absence? If yes, why.Yes, because people in the team must gain experience to solve issues on their own and must not be too much dependent on the scrum master. Therefore scrum master must give chance to each individual who is eligible to play the role of a scrum master. Also, it will help the team to see the project with a new perspective with the new master. What did you learn from the scrum master Certification training program? All the technical aspects of agile methodology are taught in the training program. Choosing the right training institute will help to learn the practical way of implementing agile in the projects. Role play and scenario-based training helped to gain confidence to start the career as a scrum master. What and What, not a scrum master can do in the scrum meeting?Scrum master can facilitate the PO and prioritize the backlog items. Also, the team gets facilitated by the scrum master. Team delivery is the scrum masters responsibility and removes the impediments to let team achieve a goal. However, the scrum master must not make an estimate and commit on the team’s behalf, should not manage the team, and change team in between sprint. How does a certified scrum master differ from an experienced scrum master? Who is better?It is easy for a certified scrum master to find their dream job. It is because the certification will add value to their resume and bring them to the top in selection. However, the experience is required to perform on the job. Therefore certification is the first step to get a job and on the job, the experience will add a feather to the scrum masters cap. Disadvantages of the scrum? The main drawback of scrum is one needs the mindset to adapt to the iterative methodology. People worked in traditional project development will find it difficult to work in a dynamic environment. Every CSM training teaches scrum master to act as the pillar and help team embrace the change. How many scrum teams can a scrum master manage? Scrum master cannot manage scrum teams because scrum master leads the scrum team. Beware, this is a tricky question and don’t get carried away by long answers given by the candidate during the interview. Explain the role of a scrum master in sprint planning?The primary objective of the sprint planning meeting is to allocate stories and work towards them. To ensure minimum backlog to be carried forward to the next sprint. The scrum master should assure for a smooth sprint planning meeting. Must educate all team members about the purpose of the meeting and teach the team to live within the time-box. Scrum method can be used in small teams or large teams? It is well suited for 4-11 members team. But a team with 2 members also can work on it and there is no harm. However, larger teams with more than 7 members must make smaller teams within and work for increasing productivity. As a scrum master, how will you earn respect to the testers in your team from the developers? One of the purposes of agile implementation is to make testing and development team work hand in hand. Hence a scrum master must let know the developers about the loss in the time and project outcome in the absence of the testers who work in concurrence to complete the project. These questions and answers will not only help interviewers but help candidates as well who apply for scrum master position. However, you might have understood that these are not the traditional theory questions posted on many sites. We have picked up the unique 10 questions that can be asked to the candidates who appear for scrum master interview.

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