Today I decided to go out for lunch I do not usually Essay

Today I decided to go out for lunch, I do not usually go and purchase lunch out especially when I have the ingredient available to make it at home, but as it was a sunny day and it was not raining like it usually is this time of the year, it was to hard just to sit at home and not enjoy the fresh air and sunshine outside. Besides it was a perfect day to go for a walk and revitalise.

There were many options when it came to buy some lunch, there was hot food, cold food and snacks to choose from as well as a range of Supermarkets, Cafes, Delis and a variety of restaurant available to purchase it from. But as I did not want to travel very far and wanted to walk I needed somewhere which was walking distance. I knew I wanted a sandwich or pasta salad as it was refreshing and great for this weather so opted to look at some of our regular supermarkets where we usually shop due to its familiarity and vegetarian options.

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Today I decided to go out for lunch I do not usually Essay
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Being vegetarian makes it difficult get something different rather than the clich? cheese salad or sandwich hence why Waitrose and Sainsburys was one of the first places I wanted to browse, as I know they have a verity of unique recipes that other places do not. After looking at the options available I decided I would rather have a fresh lunch instead of the packet products, besides it would be nice for a change of scenery where you could stay and have lunch instead of going home, subway seemed perfect for this has it has a relaxed environment with some light back ground music. Subway is fresh healthy deli that allows you to have a range of choice of what you would like whilst it is made fresh in front of customers, which allows individuals to make adjustments along the way of the process. The public health model states that individuals should ‘self-care’ in order to look after their health and prevent illness according to Lupton 2000, eating fresh and healthy food along with fruit and vegetable ensures getting vital vitamins and minerals which keep you well. I decided to go for a baguette style sandwich with salad, which is freshly made to my choice. Although procuring lunch is not a regular purchase it is nice for a treat for something different from the norm, moreover obtaining a sub card makes me more likely to purchase from here as every time you spend money you gain points to spend in store whenever you like. So it seems like a win win situation and does not make you feel like you’re spending too much money as you get rewards in return for your purchases, this alludes to consumer tribes according to Maffesoli (1996) as the the sub card connects individuals by there similar interest and consumption values. It makes you apart of a tribe and a community even if you do not know each other.

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