Best 7 Tips and Ideas on How to Write a Reflection Paper

A reflection paper allows you to express your opinion on a particular subject, supporting it with relevant personal examples and observations. In reflective writing, there are no wrong answers.However, you need to know how to write a reflection. You can freely express your personal point of view on a subject.

Writing a reflective paper

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Best 7 Tips and Ideas on How to Write a Reflection Paper
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This is in contrast to other essays where you present the opinions of other authors. You will know how to write a reflection paper when you understand the following types of reflective writing.

Educational reflective writing is when you analyze a book, your favorite movie, or a seminar and provide feedback to your readers. The analysis and examples you provide should teach your readers something.

Professional reflective writing is writing mostly in the education or psychology field. People who work in education or psychology can analyze and write a reflection about a person’s behavior.

Personal reflective writing is when you write about your thoughts and feelings concerning a particular subject. Elaborating on your personal experience and how it has shaped your thinking is an essential part of reflective writing.

Tips on How to Write a Reflection Essay

A reflective essay is a great way to improve analytical skills as you examine a topic and come up with new ideas. Here are tips that can help you write an interesting reflection paper.

  • Read reflection paper example and get insights before you can start writing your paper
  • Make your reflective paper unique and express your personal opinion in your original style
  • Make sure your writing is concise and brief with a word count of 240-750
  • Avoid using slang or jargons and make your writing professional
  • Use an essay outline to write your paper
  • After writing your paper, proofread and correct any grammar mistakes
  • Cite the sources you have used

Steps on How to Write a Reflection Paper

A reflection enables you to evaluate a subject and approach it based on your personal experience. You can write about how the subject has influenced your choices, actions, successes, failures, and even plans. Below is a process that you can follow to write a compelling reflective essay.

1. Choose a Reflection Essay Topic

reflection writing

In most cases, your instructor will assign you a reflective essay topic. The topic assigned can be from a book you have discussed in class, a topic about your personal experience, a movie, or an article.

You can also have the choice of picking your own topic. The options are endless, from a trending news story to nature or a life-changing experience.

2. Research and Brainstorm

Research the subject of your paper and brainstorm to develop a clear understanding. Note down the key points. Researching will provide you with insight into the topic and will give you a better comprehension of it.

You will also be able to organize your ideas as you write your draft. The research will provide you with ideas, but you will also focus on giving your personal opinion on the essay.

3. Organize your Writing and Thoughts

Organize your work into a logical flow of your thoughts and set the tone of your essay by asking yourself some reflection questions. Write a brief and concise introduction of your topic.

Make sure your topic is interesting and will grab the attention of your readers. Also, include your thesis statement. Share your ideas and end with a summary and restatement of your topic. This is the first rough draft of your reflective essay.

4. Write your Essay

Start writing your final paper. Write continuously to avoid your thoughts being interrupted and you can edit it later.

Don’t edit in the process of your writing.This will interfere with your flow. Keep writing and ensure you structure your paragraphs and sentences appropriately. Your readers should also be able to follow your line of thought from the introduction to the conclusion.

5. Proofread your Essay Writing

how to write a Reflective paper

It is essential that after you write your reflection essay, you correct all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Error-free reflective writing gives you credibility as a writer, and your readers will trust you more. On the contrary, when your writing is full of grammar and spelling errors, your readers may not trust what you are saying.

How to Write a Reflection Structure

Reflective writing typically does not have a format. You can use the five paragraphs standard essay structure to write a 240 to 750 reflective essay. This is how to write a reflection and structure your writing


Introduce your topic and specify what you want to reflect on. Make sure your introduction is captivating enough to keep your readers hooked. State your general position and opinion about the subject using your thesis statement.

Body Paragraph

Analyze your ideas and experiences and expand on each idea by providing relevant examples. If you are analyzing a book or an article, provide relevant passages and quotes so that your readers can have a point of reference and understand the feedback you are providing.

Describe your experience, your feelings, the sounds, and sights, every detail in context with your topic. This is how to write a reflection example “I saw groups of people doing the weight loss challenge. The event was inspiring, but I felt nervous at the same time.”


Give a summary of lessons learned from your analysis and experience. Inform your readers how the experience has shaped your understanding and the knowledge you have obtained.

Summarize your content and restate your claim. Do not introduce new information in the conclusion of your reflection paper. You can conclude with your final thoughts on the subject.

The Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Reflection Paper

When you are writing your reflection paper, there are some key things that you should always do so that you can achieve success. Also, there are things you should avoid.


  • Do write about outstanding events, readings, or experiences to make your writing memorable
  • Do make your reflection paper more reflective than descriptive
  • Do write about lessons learned after your analysis
  • Do provide details on your subject


  • Don’t make your reflection essay too long
  • Don’t copy other people’s writing, instead, be original and express your ideas freely

Key Takeaway

You require particular skills to know how to write a reflection paper. Instructors will give you a reflection assignment on various topics that will encourage the development of your analytical skills. You are also able to write about your personal opinion and express your ideas on a specific topic without summarizing other people’s work. A well written reflection essay should resonate with the readers and tell them the lessons learned from your experiences. You can, however, reach to Grandpaper Writers for more assistance on reflective writing.

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