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The purpose of this assignment is for students to provide a quick “3-2-1” reflection on the module material and how they were able to achieve the module learning objectives.  This assignment is constructed in a blog format, but is not a traditional blog.  Assignment:Respond to the following “3-Question Prompts in reference to defining criminology and understanding the importance of studying crime:Share 3 things that you learned from this module, or that you found interesting.Share 2 things that were muddled, or you did not quite understand.  Share 1 “Ah-Ha” moment that you experienced during this module.

Ticket Out The Door 5... Quick Turnaround Assignment | Homework Help Websites 1

This should be something that may have surprised you.Grading Criteria:Responses should be relatively short, but specific, and exclusive to the module resources and learning objectives.  These entries will be visible to the class so that students can view each the entries. You are not required to respond to classmates for this assignment.  However, extra credit is built into the rubric for helping your classmates with the 2 areas that were muddled or confusing.  Comment on their blog with some information that will help to provide some clarity.  The information in your response must be credible, and not just opinionated.  Please see grading rubric for further details.ZACK- Corrections Power Point Presentation: Correctional InstitutesPower Point Presentation: Five Purposes of American Corrections Lecture Notes: Correctional InstitutesYoutube Video: Prison History PDF Document: John Augustus

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