three factor to be consider in selecting right cloud provider Essay

The first key factor is performance and versatility. Most of the businesses will put performance and versatility as the top factor of cloud provider selection. This is because performance is a big concern for the healthcare and educational institution. So, CPUs accelerators and high RAM are needed for achieve high performance as is high-speed networking with faster connections to the cloud and between cloud instances. As well as the high performance of storage are also required for handle high-bandwidth and large-transaction workloads.

It is also important for the products provided by cloud providers are designable for the size of a company and able to support all platforms (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac) that the business uses or will possible use in the future.

This is because most of the healthcare and educational institution in Malaysia will use Windows and Linux as the OS platform for their business. So, this versatility will enable a business to stay using the service as it continues to grow and change long according to company grow to suit business needs in the future.This key factor has been fulfilled by Yeahhost Company which their cloud servers are the new generation dedicated servers in form of high performance logical servers built and serve through cloud computing platform. Yeahhost Company have used at least 10 CPUs of Intel Xeon 3 Ghz+, dedicated 20GB of RAM, and 2 terabyte of cloud storage as minimum requirement for their lowest cloud server plan. Cloud server plan provided by Yeahhost Company are able to support Linux or Windows Operating System which the operating system platform were commonly used by most of the company especially in Malaysia. So, their cloud server has provides high up-scale capability and additional cloud server specification can be added on anytime if needed.The second key factors is Security and Industry Compliance. Cloud security shall be considered as most important of any factors in selecting the right cloud provider and is also a reason why some businesses are not moving their solutions to the cloud. So, security and compliance is necessary for healthcare and educational institution when they managing and storing their business’ and customers’ confidential data such as credit card numbers and health information. It is important for the data to be secure and protected by looking for security measures such as firewalls, anti-virus detection, multiple user verification and data encryption. Most reliable providers will be able to provide us with guarantee that the data is encrypted that passes between a user and the provider database. Reliable providers will actually give their customers full control access over the encryption key and guarantee that encryption key is not accessible even to their providers. So, cloud providers are ISO certified if an indication that a provider have its quality control, procedures and security truly. So, the healthcare and educational institution will not work with cloud service providers that are not ISO certified.However, it is necessary to figure out whether their cloud provider meet the compliance that they require as their business were in certain regulated industries such as government, healthcare and financial services. So, some of the companies may just look for certify compliance and select their services without any further involvement. A premium cloud provider should be able to provide evidence of certification and auditing for security certifications and industry standard data centre. However, sometimes clients may need get involve in access to their cloud vendor’s security to ensure it complies with the current industry standards and regulations. So, additional security measures and regulatory compliance certifications can help verify that a business infrastructure does not create exposures that may harmfully affect its operations.Therefore, Yeahhost Company had an ability to provide a very strong security to their customers. Yeahhost Company used latest security updates with antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spam and firewall protection in their cloud server. Also, the company had host their cloud servers with selected industry standard ISO certified and their servers were supported by strong network architecture which located in Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur and Canada. The third key factor is backup and recovery which is requires careful consideration for healthcare and educational institution. It is necessary to evaluate a cloud provider about its backup and recovery strategies use for both the platform and the data in these businesses. This is because primary data can be failures due to hardware or software failure, data corruption or even human-caused event likes malicious attack. Thus, this key factor are important to make sure that data is safe and backed up with a reliable recovery strategy from cloud provider.So, Yeahhost Company provides scheduled backup of all data for continuous data protection. The company have a RAID level 1 storage that ensure data are completely mirrored and secure in real time against hardware failure. As the company have provide a feature which is data mirroring that is to provides actual time protection against data lost and no downtime upon hardware failure. The company also provide additional add-on specification like backup drive for the cloud server if needed.

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