Thorpe Park functional areas Essay

Thorpe Park – Human Resources Human resources at Thorpe Park are an important aspect of helping the theme park run smoothly. One of the job responsibilities human resources at Thorpe Park must ensure is that the staffs has good working conditions and health and safety is clear. It is important that staff at Thorpe Park have appropriate working conditions in order for them to do their job. Because they are working around highly electrical and dangerous equipment, they must also be aware of the rules and regulations.

Knowing these rules and regulations help to improve health and safety because it makes the staff at Thorpe Park aware of the limitations. For example, if it was raining at Thorpe Park, staff must be provided with rain coats to help working in those conditions. If it is dark and raining the park needs to be brightly lit with light so both workers and customers can see. This is one way in which human resources handle health and safety and working conditions at Thorpe Park.

Thorpe Park – Customer Services The customer services department at Thorpe Park play an important part of how Thorpe Park is run.

They are responsible for taking customer complaints, offering information, arranging deliveries and more. At Thorpe Park a customer may not be happy with the services they are getting. They would then have to go to customer services in order to deal with this. It is then customer services job to come to a negotiation with that customer. Customer services affect how Thorpe Park is run. This is because they are responsible for deliveries and anything could go wrong. For example, if a member of customer services forget to order a piece of equipment for a new ride they are investing in making.

It could affect the timein w hich the ride is completed in. this can be a bad thing because it can set back the finishing date of the ride which can affect not only Thorpe Park and the customers, but the local community as well. It affects the local community because it means they have to put up with the constant noise for longer. Customers could ask customer services for equipment such as maps to find their way around the theme park. Thorpe Park – Research & Development The research and development department are in charge of the findings of new rides and help develop them.

Based on the information provided from the marketing department, the research and development team can design the rides. For example, the research and development department helped design stealth (a ride at Thorpe Park) one of their responsibilities was to decide the practicality of the ride. I. e. where it will be placed, when it will be completed, and how it will be developed successfully. The marketing department also helped play a part in the making of stealth as they did market research and found out what customers wanted in a new ride at Thorpe Park.

Research and development also have to handle to price they will charge customers due to a new ride being added to the theme park, and the cost – how much the making of stealth will cost. Thorpe Park – Marketing The marketing department at Thorpe Park help to find market research which gives the research and development department ideas for potential future rides. Market research helps to the marketing department find out what type of rides the general public want, i. e. high speed and high, and aim to make the new rides bigger and better than the previous ones.

The marketing department are important at Thorpe Park because they find out the information needed that can make Thorpe Park better than any other amusement parks. Thorpe Park relies on the marketing department to see how well the new ride does. If it does well then it needs to be promoted in the correct way which will get customers flooding in. Thorpe Park – Advertising Thorpe Park is a popular theme park located in surrey.

Because there is competition from other amusement parks such as Alton Towers, Chessington, and Lego land, it is important that more customer visit Thorpe Park. In order to achieve this advertising department must produce advertisements persuading customers to come to Thorpe Park. The image below is an example of different types of advertisement s at Thorpe Park. The image on the left is an example of how Thorpe Park advertises. Their advertising department has used cost to persuade customers to come back to Thorpe Park.

This is a clever way of advertising because it is persuades customers to want to come back, however because they have been the day before they may not want to. This voucher can then be passed on to a family or friend member and be used. This in turn creates more capital for Thorpe Park and encourages people to want to go back, because it is only ? 1. The image on the right shows a popular burger brand ‘Rustlers’. Thorpe Park has used their brand to promote themselves. This is a good form of advertising because it makes the public more aware or the deals going on at Thorpe Park. The image says ‘free tickets worth ? 72 with every pack’ which is persuades customers.

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