This is a Strategic Audit group project

This is a Strategic Audit group project. My portion of the project is to write the Evaluation and Control  of the Executive Summary, 1 to 2 power point slides on the Evaluation and Control and a power point slide on the Strategic Managers.

This is the instruction for the whole group. You will be developing strategic options for “Under Armour” Case 20.  You will use the strategic audit using your text(Strategic Management and Business Policy For Management and Economics 14th Ed) (Figure 12-1, page 342, and Appendices 12.B and C, pages 347-357) to assist in the preparation of the power point presentation and executive summary.

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This is a Strategic Audit group project
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You will submit a Power Point presentation that addresses each of the following:
      * Their Current Situation (1 power point slide)
       Strategic Managers (1 power point slide)
       External Environment (1-2 power point slides)
       Internal Environment (2-3 power point slides – including their resources, capabilities and competencies)
       Analysis of Strategic Factors (1 power point slide)
       Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy (2-3 power point slides)
       Implementation (2-3 power point slides)
       *Evaluation and Control (1-2 power point slides)

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