This expounds how a leader comprehends what strategy best fits Essay

This expounds how a leader comprehends what strategy best fits the scenarios he would be encountering in the field. It will crystalize how the leader thinks tactically to preserve his resources. Nurturing a mind on making it better through accepting its flaws, recommending to give it an enhancement, and preserving what has been done that was clearly essential in the pursuit of a successful warfare. As it goes deeper and more meaningful, military history becomes a more useful course.

The context shows the meaning of the whole framework of what happened in the past, what is happening in the present, and what will happen in the future.

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This expounds how a leader comprehends what strategy best fits Essay
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This is the whole picture of the beginning and the never-ending war conflicts between two or more parties involved. History is past. History is present. History is future. It is incessant with time. Thorugh the dimension of context, leaders and expectators would be able to think outside the box which means that they will see the bigger picture, will be able to connect certain events, and will be able to prepare beforehand on what might happen if diefferent events occur unexpectedly.

The impact of a victory in the war will be forever known through the end of time. It will be told and pass on to generations to generations. This is context. It is how a bright mind inspires a timid mind to grow, to improve, and to fulfill his heart’s desire for the common good. Just like a leader, one will strive hard to achieve his goal and attain his vision. As it goes stronger and bolder, military history becomes a more useful course.

As the dimensions of width, depth, and context of military history combines respectively, it becomes a more useful course. Afterwards, each of it contributes in making it into a whole course that is most beneficial when deliberated.

A good example of military history I can think of is the never-ending war in Mindanao especially in Sulu against the terrorists such as the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), and the newly entered ISIS. In my view, I have seen how fear covered the everyday lives of the Filipinos. The civilians cannot even go out of their own home and community without the threat that they might encounter an attack between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the terrorists. They fear that they might be caught in the middle of the fight wherein the real victims are themselves. I saw how the soldiers both officers and non-officers strive hard with a courageous heart, stable minds, and strong spirits to protect the peace. They have pledged to protect the peace and sovereignty of this country. And soon, I will be part of them in attaining this goal. Though they have their family far from them, they continuously search for the end of the war against the terrorist. I have seen how the Island of Sulu was preserved and fortunate. Fortunate with beautiful crops because storm frequently hit the island and preserved because the culture of the people there revolves around our Muslim brothers and sisters. As I leave the place and bid farewell, I prayed that this silent but devastating war against this terrorist will come to an end as soon as possible. We do not deserve another life taken. This is because we are all Filipinos. We should not pull them down; instead, we should help them prosper.

To sum it all up, military history is the most useful course when studied with three dimensions—width, depth, and context for the reason of it tends to prepare the armed forces for the problems they would be facing whether it is known, unpredictable, unknown, and dreadful. The improvement of ability of the armed forces will enable them to deeper understand war, its nature, and its cause. Indeed, military history is the most useful course when studied using three dimensions: width, depth, and context. There is no doubt about that.

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