They somehow managed to grasp that luck along with successfully businessminded moves Essay

They somehow managed to grasp that luck along with successfully, business-minded moves. They put together the best of the best, and began their dream of becoming a leading thoroughbred breeding farm. With the fact that both men had played at all of the levels of horse racing, they were very knowledgeable on the aspects of what they were getting into. To go even further, they entrusted people who knew what they were doing just as well as themselves. For example, Casner and Troutt placed Doug Cauthen and Elliott Walden in the positions of top management.

The motivation behind this was the fact that both men grew up in the horse business. They knew the things that you couldn’t teach, and understood the way of the horse business ( They knew the risks as well as the benefits that could be had. According to, in 2003, WinStar had its first claim to fame as its product, Funny Cide, became the 2003 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winner.

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They somehow managed to grasp that luck along with successfully businessminded moves Essay
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Funny Cide was the son of Distoreted Humor who has sired him at WinStar. In 2008, WinStar had another champion. Well Armed was owned by WinStar, and won the Grade 1 Goodwood Stakes. The very next year, this feisty young horse went on to win the Dubai World Cup. To keep the streak going, WinStar had a Kentucky Derby Winner along with a Belmont Stakes winner the following year. 2010 was definitely no year to sleep on for WinStar farm, but there was a large change coming its way. In 2010, partner Kenny Trout bought out Bill Casner’s portion of the farm. Kenny Trout was now the sole owner of the world renowned WinStar farm. This very same year, WinStar won the 2010 Eclipsed award for outstanding owner. Even through the major change of the farm, they possessed the 2011 Breeder’s cup winner. Their success at this point seems to be unstoppable. In 2012, there wasn’t much high activity seen with the farm’s success, but it came back with seriousness In 2013. WinStar’s Revolutionary finished 3rd in the 2013 Kentucky Derby. In 2016, WinStar received another big award. They were Eclipsed Award Winner’s outstanding breeder ( According to, the history of WinStar doesn’t go that far back, simply because it was just started in 2000 ( Even thought that may seem like a long time, many thoroughbred farms have been around for a lot longer than that! However, the success it has had in such a short time span is such that is highly respectable, admirable, and recommendable. The impact in which WinStar has had on the thoroughbred racing and breeding industry is obvious through any statistics you can find. They have some of the highest winnings of any farm in thoroughbred racing. Through their breeding, they have created some of the most successful runners to ever hit the track. During the early years of WinStar, the impact can be seen through the history in which the farm was built. From the 2003 Kentucky Derby and Stakes winner, to the 2016 Eclipsed award in which named WinStar the outstanding breeder of the year, it is obvious what role the farm played in the thoroughbred industry. It generated major winners, and not just coincidentally. They were consistent, steady, and simply outstanding overall. People wanted to be a part of their success, and all eyes were turning to WinStar farm. More recently, however, they haven’t stopped working towards the goal of upmost success. In 2017, they had the Top 10 General Sire of winners. To bring the fame and success into the year of 2018, they had a top 5 sire by winners. For the current year of 2019, there has already been over $350,000 G2 winner, a G-3 placed winner, and a stakes placer. WinStar has provided competition and success to the thoroughbred industry. Not only have they proven their success, but they have etched themselves in the history of thoroughbred racing forever. The amount of success their horses have had will ensure their firm print in the pedigree of thoroughbred racing stars to come. Many of the future successes of future racing stars can probably thank winstar for beign a part of their history, and getting them to that point of success. The future of WinStar is pretty unpredictable, in my opinion. On one hand, I can see the success of the farm only growing. It has established itself and its’ credibility. According to, WinStar Farm is a top force in the thoroughbred breeding and racing industry ( On the other hand, I can see how the downfall of the farm could easily come. The history of the farm makes me realize that it has only been becoming more reliable as the years go on. To continue, with the accumulation of age and success comes credibility. By word of mouth, people in the thoroughbred industry talk about the success of the farm. Not to mention the statistics that stand to back its’ name. The people who are involved with WinStar are honest and true for the most part, or they wouldn’t be as successful as they are. Here is where my fear comes in. If there happened to be a sudden death, sale of the farm, or simple transition of management- what would happen to the future of the farm? I have heard of previous successful thoroughbred farms that were managed well, and once they changed management, they were in danger of ending forever. I don’t predict the sudden change of management with WinStar anytime soon, but I do want to be sure to entertain the possibility that something unpredictable and sudden could happen. This sudden event could be as simple as a marriage in which puts another human who may not be as knowledgeable of the thoroughbred industry in the positon to make major calls and decision for the farm. In addition, much like what recently has occurred in the thoroughbred industry, something like the 24+ horses breaking down on the track could impact the success of the farm. Without a thoroughbred racing world, WinStar would be nothing.

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