There is strong agreement that transformational leadership is


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There is strong agreement that transformational leadership is
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There is strong agreement that transformational leadership is an ideal most leaders should strive for. However, measuring and evaluating whether or not someone is a transformational leader is very tricky. Do you think transformational leadership is something that can easily be measured, or more like something that you could describe as “you know it when you see it”?

Do a Google search on “transformational leadership questionnaire” or “transformational leadership quiz” and try to find a good questionnaire that measures one’s transformational leadership qualities. Take the quiz, and share the link with your classmates. Discuss how accurate and reliable you think this quiz is, and whether or not it would be useful in the business world. As a follow-up post, try taking one of the questionnaires that your classmates found. 



Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership is one of the most difficult things to measure or gauge.  One cannot measure and release the level at which someone has reached with the transformational leadership. However, there are parameters that one uses to explain and elaborate on the transformational leadership. The transformational leadership can be seen and observed when one gets to an organization in which it is being practiced. For example, an organization that the workers are free and interact with the manager seeking for advice, one can make a conclusion that the leadership style is transformational.

Accuracy of the questions

The site contains quiz of transformational leadership. The questionnaires are reliable. This is the ability to find a similar result when the test is done more than once. The survey is reliable because the questions address the same characteristics and qualities at the same time. The quiz test personal characteristics of the leaders and the juniors at their business premises. The examination is the question is reliable because the particular features of an individual regarding leadership skills do not change. For example, if one is self-confidence in the leadership position, the quality does not alter. Therefore, if you administer a questionnaire to the person several times, the same answer will be given throughout.

Transformational leadership is connected to attitude.  The opinion of individuals varies from person to person. However, the transformational leader has positive attitude. The manager relates well with the junior staff with the aim of making them be like him. The quiz tests the position. The position of a person can change. However, in transformational leadership, the attitude changes positively. Therefore, if an examination is repeatedly administered the results are always similar indicating that the quiz is reliable.  


Usefulness of the questions in the business world

The questionnaire is useful in the business community because they contain the question of organization management. The questions guide one to identify which type of leadership is used in the administration of the organization and the people in the group. The questions also can be used to make recommendations about the kind of leadership that the people should have in the organization.  Therefore, the questions are useful in the business world.

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