The year 2035 AD and out of the gloomy and daunting sky Essay

The year 2035 AD and out of the gloomy and daunting sky, a pearl white uniquely shaped metal as large as blue whale came crashing through earth’s atmosphere onto the rough terrains of central Russia. Among the debris of both the overused meatal engine and war, the door opened slowly with the sound of rusty gate. Head to toe covered in a white, NASA was faintly visible the name was faded and only those that knew the aerospace research center would of been able to identify.

She takes step to see hear beloved world shatter in front of her eyes. Her eyes are like deep wells of compassionate gloom. She raises her foot to take another step towards the unaccepting and believable world as she sees a faded purple chest between the debris of the buildings that once stood tall and proud.

She flicks throw the journal barely in one piece it read:

“August 24th 2021, my parents having acting really weird for the past few months as If they’re worried that something might happen to us”

“November 7th 2021, my brother has fallen sick my parents are medical scientist yet they can’t treat him and I don’t understand why”

“November 16th 2021, today is day I will forever remember by baby brother the one best friend and partner in crime has died because carbon êàðáîn ÷óìà- karbon chuma.

A plague that was caused by the excessive amounts of carbon and greenhouse emissions. Everything has changed no school no going out the house no laughter or joy just angry and hatred.”

“January 6th 2022, my parents were fighting all night amongst the whispers and tears I heard that we would fleeing the country I really don’t want to I love it here”

“January 7th 2022, I woke up once again during the night to the thought my brother being alone in an unknown world but then when went to see my parents I only say my mother. I ran around the whole house screaming dad but there was no reply. He left us in a time of struggle, we used to be so untied and affectionate but all has disappeared because of the WAR. Mother pretends that I don’t know but I do know! Russia and Japan plus their alias have teamed up to become the superior against the USA and Europe with their partner countries”

“February 27th 2022, Mother has fallen sick too and even though I know the unwanted future I choose not to believe it. The only one I had left will soon be gone my hatred towards my father has been only growing I loved him to death but now I must watch my mother suffer and soon die”

“Friday 11th of March 2022, just like the date only bad luck has covered me. Mother passed away but I found a note that wrote – to my love, I love to death I know you know that im leaving forever but before I go I must tell you father didn’t leave us in time struggle but only protected us from the amercians. He found out he was being caputerd so he left this location so when he gets captured we won’t be there. The ammericans have inslaved your father to make cure for the êàðáîn ÷óìà- karbon chuma. Please don’t go after him, the only reason I havn’t told you sooner is because I know you would get kiiled in the procces of finding him. Love mumma “

“October 11th 2022, its been 8 months of leaving on the street, I too have been hit the êàðáîn ÷óìà- karbon chuma which means its my time to go but before I die I found the address to where my father is don’t me how just know that if or who ever reads are the only my father survies please help me.”

Christina flicks through the pages so fast that the pages tear, she’s desprete to know more. From when she took of earth to when NASA must have been bombed to then being traped in space to then finaly crash landing on earth the world changed undescribly. She runs back into her spacecraft and uses her satlite to locate the address the girl left in her chest, she glears once agin to the box when she sees polloride of her and her brothers.

A fractured brown build affected by war stood barly she ran as fast as she could inside to find the father, the room smelt like chemicls mixed to create nuclear wean or even the oppiste to reverse the effects of nuclar bomb. In the conner a thin, weak and unslaved man was brething his last breathes. She sees him and a simile reappers on her face yet instead of aprooching him she runs back through the door to another run much bigger. On the other end of the room stood a big and intidating man all suited up she aprroches him and all of sudden he turns and yelss security. In fraction of second gurds run and attempt to capture the cristina. She pleads for chance to tlak but he points a gun at her think she is one of the manyc itizins want him to die. HE oull the triger she screams “ Earth is entering a …” I the bullet goes right throw her head she is silenced. The whole room is filled with ignorance, the will never know that earth will enter a bblack hole.

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