The Worldy Life – Dunya Essay




Firstly, what I can summarize from the video was the worldly life of people in dunya.

Some of people make as dunya as the most important part of their entire life than the life

hereafter which is the akhirah. But the only thing that matters is life hereafter and not the very

insignificant world that they got too busy. We can describe the dunya as the world of movement,

one who desires Allah and one who desires paradise.

Furthermore, the people who work for life

hereafter will also get the dunya but people who work only for dunya they will never get any

piece of the life hereafter. We are living in a place that is considered the temporary and exists

before the perpetual and can identify as a dunya which is a place of highest and a place of lows.

Moreover, the world had deceived the people by the fortune and beauty because the beauty

in front of us as Allah describes in the Quran is like a flower that grown in the ground, it gets

watered from the rain and it looks beautiful and blossoms but at the end of the day, it will lasts

and we had no attention to it anymore. The dunya will make us hanging on something which we

need for the akhirah. And we had the time to take the responsibility which go to the right path of

Allah and go out struggling in the path of Allah. If we prefer this dunya over the hereafter, Allah

disgrace it and Allah will never ever stop to make us return back to H im.

Moreover, they have to know, understand, acknowledge, learn and always conscious that

the dunya is only playing, entertain and decorate and will keep challenge each other to satisfied

ourself which the picture of what is worldly life truly are, and if we been searching for it means

we are in a great loss by looking it as the first platform because when we die, everything will die

and leave us except the deen for the akhirah. There are three things that follow us until death,

family, money and deen or the deed or action whether good or bad but two things will leave us,

family and money and the only things that stays is our deen that will saves us in akhirah and

through the bridges.

The reward of praying will come crawling and Allah test us with the beautiful and green

world by giving us the responsibility to obey to Allah rules and for the akhirah. And do not make

the world fool or trick us by all the things in the world, we are here in this world for deen. Do not

ever say that we had no time to go mosque, dawah and Quran. We need Allah to assist us, to

guide us and it is Allah who forgives all the sins, we seek forgiveness of mistake and consider

our mistakes forgiven. The life would be more beautiful when we always see and put in the right

path of Allah and it is Allah the Greatest.

1. Do you agree with ideas mentioned in the video? Why? Yes, I agreed with the idea mention that beware of this dunya and with no time to go

mosque, dawah or read the Quran and also do not make the world fool or trick us by all the

things in the world and it mention in Quran “O men! Certainly the promise of Allah is true. Let

not then this present life deceive you, nor let the Chief Deceiver deceive you about Allah ” (Al-

Faatir 35:5).

Secondly, the ideas of we need Allah to guide, save and assist us. We will forever seek to

guide us through the long life in this little world that full of challenges because He is the only

one that will keep us in the right path like it mention in Quran “By which Allah guides those who

pursue his pleasure to the ways of peace and brings them out from darknesses into the light, by

His permission, and guides them to a straight path ” (Al- Ma’idah 5:16).

2. What is your plan in order to become a successful Person/Muslim?

To become a successful person/muslim is always keeping a close relationship with Allah.

By remember Allah by worship Him by performing and keep maintain, complete and on time the

fardhu prayer by doing five times a day because in order to become successful muslim must

starts from the prayers. No matter how busy we are with assignment and tiredness. Next is

always saying a meaningful word such as Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah, Allahuakbar and zikir.

Besides, by joining religious classes also can improving us to become a better muslim.

Such as joining the evening or weekend classes at local mosque to hear talk and learn more about

Islam which gave us guidance in gain knowledge. Next is joining tilawah Al-Quran classes to

improve the way of tajwid reading and getting knowledge of each meaning of Surah in Al-


Moreover, the most important thing is to cover the aurah because it is compulsory and also

the fardhu prayers. It would gave us the opportunity to keep our faith and taqwa straight to Allah.

By covering the aurah, it can brings us safety, respect and dignity in life. The sa fety in terms of

illness like avoiding skin cancer because of covering, it will keep it safe from any harm. Respe ct

and dignity in terms of other people like men or women will keep the distant between.

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