The world wide web Essay

The World Wide Web has presented us with endless possibilities and opportunities to extend the limits of our understanding beyond our present concept of the world. It provides us with access to different fields of knowledge, and let us interact with people of different ethnicity, culture and with different perspectives; thus, letting us understand deeply the correlation between us and our fellow human being. This technology is in the process of being harnessed to its maximum potential by the academic world in the form of online learning.

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The world wide web Essay
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The fusion of the Internet with the academe proves to be a very dynamic alliance that might replace the institutionalized classroom-based learning. Online learning provides a room for flexibility and a chance to connect and communicate with the members of the global village. In contrast to classroom-based learning, an online degree student is not hampered by the ramifications of a tight classroom course schedule; the student makes his/her own convenient schedule.

The student can study with whomever he/she wants at any time, allowing for an opportunity to spend extra time with family, peers and other activities.

The Internet, used as an academic tool, serves as a medium to connect with people around the world, and open our minds to the multitude of information waiting to be learned. It brings the whole of the world into our very homes. With online learning, the apprehension of asking questions to the instructor is negated; thus, boosting our confidence and enthusiasm to learn more.

We get to know interesting people of different nationalities, learn new technical skills, and enhance our personal and professional life. Academic knowledge is not always easy to acquire. Obtaining a university degree takes years to have coupled with discipline and patience, done inside the confines of a classroom; yet, with the advent of the World Wide Web, a high degree of learning is made possible through the marvel of online learning at the convenience of one’s own home.

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