The use of ICT in engineering

he aim of the assessment is to produce a report and give a presentation on the use of ICT in an engineering organisation or a branch of engineering, which involves the use of Word, Access, Excel, urls and web page content, etc. This assessment is out of 100 marks and is worth 50%. To pass this assessment, overall, you need to score 50%. he report has at least two articles from highly regarded journal sources
Word limit
• The length of the report is of a maximum of 1500 words

1. Font size: 14 point for title/heading. 12 point for contents and 8-9 point for headers and footers
2. Font face: Time new roman
3. Line spacing: 1.5
4. Proper alignment of your paragraphs, and necessary page set up

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The use of ICT in engineering
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1. Meet the following Los: K1; K2;C1; S1
2. The length of the report must be a maximum of 1,500 words
3. The report must be your own individual work
4. The report must make use of a minimum of two articles from highly regarded journal sources. Each reference must be used in the body of the work detailing its main significant content.
5. The report must clearly mention state which organisation they have chosen and writing on.
6. The report must make sufficient use of data/examples for the reader to understand both the scale and reality of your chosen topic.
7. The report must be written in a standard academic format with title, abstract, a small number of sections and reference details.
8. The report must make recommendation for the future or provide an answer to the issue/question. These should be sufficiently realistic and supported by data.
9. The report may include appendices.

I want the report to be about the use of ict in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering

The report is for fundation student level .

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