The Usage of Computer Science in Aviation IndustryComputer science have become instrumental Essay

The Usage of Computer Science in Aviation Industry.Computer science have become instrumental in the aviation industry for quitesome time now. Just as they have been useful in other sectors in the World like medicine andeducation, they have been also instrumental in the field of aviation. Computers have been used invarious fields from service delivery to development on aviation engines and machines. Theyhave played various roles I ensuring proper service delivery, these include booking flights andtickets, setting schedule for the flight and the attendance among many other roles.

Use ofcomputers have helped aviation operation become efficient as services have improved rapidly.The use of computers in air travel has enabled travelers find cheaper fare charges and exploreroutes of their interest. Today, passengers are able to book flights and choose seats and evenpaying for them days before the scheduled flight. The use of computers dates back during WorldWar II when fighter jets were used to fire bombs in the battle fields (Khan 32).

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The Usage of Computer Science in Aviation IndustryComputer science have become instrumental Essay
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The famous USengineer Elmer Sperry invented gyroscopes which was composed of rotating weights that rotatedon a constant direction. During this age of wars, computers in aviation was so instrumental inenabling pilots control guns and missiles. They also made radars more functional and efficient.Today we have more advanced techniques in aviation computing, airplanes are now almost fullyflown by the computer itself. The far the aviation industry has reached can only be attributed tothe advancement in computer technology. Auto-pilot for instance has made it easier to fly planes.Surname 2The plane can fly without much input from the pilot. The future of aviation is bright with theinvention of more sophisticated advanced technologies. One cannot imagine of planes that canfly by themselves without the assistance of a pilot. This will help increase aviation safety andoffer the passengers a more comfortable and entertaining travel experience.In the aviation industry, various operations interact with the computers toensure proper service delivery and efficiency, these computers are involved in almost alloperations from the moment the passenger makes arrangements on a flight to when they arereaching their destination of travel. The invention of computers has made service delivery inaviation be smooth and efficient, from flight control to delivering passenger services work hasbeen made easier in controlling the huge traffic of people flocking the airports daily. It isimportant to note that without computers it would be almost impossible control services inairports and during flights. First computers have played a major role in ensuring proper servicedelivery to passengers in planes. For example one can book a flight and even pay for the seatwithout necessarily going to the airport to make the reservation (Khan 21). Once a seat has beenbought the computer system will record the booking and a reservation will be made, thiscomputerized system enables a passenger to make arrangements and even plan flights accordingto their schedule. Computers have also made it easy to control traffic in airports. The computersystem synthesizes the radio communication between the pilot and the flight controller. Thesesystems enables the flight controller to locate the location of the plane and give directions to thepilots on the right course of action. Computers have also been used in airport services such assecurity machines. Security in the airport is major aspect that cannot be ignored. Computerizedtechnologies such as x-ray scanners are used to detect weapons and other un-authorized itemslike narcotics. The x-ray scanners have therefor made the work of security officers in airportsSurname 3become simple therefor improving the counter terrorism efforts. Computers are also used inrecording flight data including voice recording. Using a flight recording instrument known as theblack box which records the all-time performance of the plane, the computer enables the variousagencies including the government to do a detailed analysis in case any unusual activity occurswhile the plane is on flight. This device has made it easier to investigate an accident or anycriminal activity for example terrorism because the security agencies will retrieve theseinformation which will give them a lead in their investigation.The aviation industry in the UAE has proven to be a major economic propellerin a region that brands itself as an economic giant. The United Arab Emirates has seen greatpotential in the sector in a view to secure sustainable economic development by coming up withwell equipping airports, equipping the national carrier and marketing it to investing a lot ofmoney in building infrastructure. The UAE has made significant advancements in improving itstransport and telecommunication networks making it possible to access and move out of theairports easily and efficiently(Scott 67). The Government has also rolled out a thirty yeareducation strategy that seeks to improve computer literacy nationally so as to improve computerknowledge and spur innovations in various sectors of the economy such as aviation.Computer science has played instrumental roles in airline industry. Thebenefits reaped from using computers in the sector have been enormous. Operations in airportshave been efficient like never before. With the use of computer science in the sector, it has madeit easier to handles records and passenger in a safe and easily accessible manner. Usingtechnologies such as extranets, internet and intranet the sector has been able to achieve safe datastorage and communication between the various sectors of the airlines. The increasingtechnological innovation has made the passengers more comfortable in booking flights andSurname 4choosing destinations. Computer science has therefore made customers enjoy their travel withoutbothering about their next destination and flight booking. These technologies enable both thepassengers and airport staff access the employee’s data and information in a user friendlymanner. People can access crucial information like the financial management of the airline andthe human resource making it easy to account for money and other company resources.Computerized systems have also made it possible to coordinate various flight services that takesplace in the airport. Computers have made it possible for organizations to coordinate serviceslike refueling the plane, handling of luggage, handling of the cabin crew and the pilots, cateringservices among many others(Scott 56). These activities all happen at the same time as soon asthe plane touches down or when it is about to take off. These services are made possible byextranet which ensures smooth coordination between various departments in an efficient manner.The future of computer science in aviation is a promising one with theadvanvencenent in invention of technologies that provide real life solutions. Players in the sectorare looking for ways of making sure that passenger identification is made accurate and efficientlyand Biometric technology is the way to go. Major airports are exploring the use of biometrics asthe most preferred way of passenger identification. Various countries around the World areputting more focus on building this technology to be reliable and efficient. Another future trendin the aviation industry is the use of robotic machines and autonomous vehicles(Scott 96).Airports around the World are considering using robotics to engage passengers and assist inmanual activities like carrying luggage. This move is in a view to reduce the airports’ wage billand improve efficiency because the robots can do more in the least available time unlike humanlabor which needs to rest and easily gets tired. Another common future trend in aviation isArtificial Intelligence. This type of technology works much like the robots. They include featuresSurname 5and products like chat bots and virtual which help in relaying information to passengers andstaff. Another important aspect in the aviation space is the threat of cyber insecurity. With theadvancement in digitization of passenger data and flight data, cyber hacking reports are on therise. Airports are considering putting up Airport information security hub to monitor datasecurity and prevent unauthorized intrusion.

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