The truth no one tells youEvery day whether you are a child Essay

The truth no one tells you..

Every day whether you are a child; teenage or older you are manipulated on every step you do. when you wake up get ready; get the bus,; train or even car; go to work-from being a school janitor/cleaner to a doctor/business manager-well especially them however those are the people that manipulate all around their presence and further so are they really manipulated well ye as that’s what humans do fall into their own trap.

Even if we don’t admit it we want to be persuaded and manipulated as that is what we want and what we need in everyday life. As for example Howard Schultz an American business man who owns starbucks says that he is ‘’stunned to see how many people are interested in the 7 dollar cup of coffee and how many people are coming back primarily because of the unique taste of profile’’. But here’s the question. Should we really be allowed to manipulate physiologically peoples mind.

Sure stock and market manipulation has been made illegal however we still continue being tricked by big or small companies as we have trust in their product and services. ‘’Loyal customers’’.

-7 dollar cup of coffee

Businesses and marketers often have two main goals which are profitability and growth. Both these goals just speak for themselves -I am only doing this for myself and only- we need to start realizing that companies will do anything just to reach successfully those goals and the way they do that is by effective marketing strategies; such as cause/digital/event/engagement/experiential/PR/word of mouth marketing and much more as you can see there is an endless count of how to promote your product or service. There are specific people that for living just sit and plan of how today’s population species work and what they are looking for in order for a company to successfully introduce a product or service. In order to introduce a new product/service into the market the company splits the population into segments this is called ‘’market segmentation’’ they categories groups like their age, gender, lifestyle, interests and income to create the perfect product/service. The marketing strategy ‘’cause marketing ‘’ is the most common in today’s day as it shows the business in a social responsible light. A business that proves to be social responsible is more likely to bring brand awareness and loyalty, studies have shown that ‘’91% of the respondents’’ stated that they will not hesitate to change their product that they were loyal too to the one that is under the company that is being social responsible and aims for a cause that the customer can associate to and cares. The one that is most talked about today is the ‘’campaign for real beauty’’ the ‘’Dove’’ campaign uses the fact that ‘’98%’’ of women have low self-esteem due to their beauty just because the beauty industry have created a perfect look that most women can’t achieve. The ‘’Dove’’ company has made its logo that ‘’beauty comes in different shapes, sizes, colures and race’’ which is the reason they mostly create beauty products. And that is the power of marketing thanks to that project ‘’Dove’’ has increased ‘’60%’’ in revenue as it has made the women’s and girls’ worldwide inspired. The bond that ‘’Dove’’ has created with their customers has made the brand one of the most popular ones in the world making it easy for them to launch new products.


After researching, planning and production the business goes into another stage to actually put it out there in the market which is advertisement this is where the company manages to manipulate most of their segment targets if not all. The company even pushes itself to use celebrity endorsement in order to attract customers as for example in a TV advert they will place a celebrity to be in their advert. That is classical manipulation us humans naturally look up to someone and if a celebrity you adore will be using e.g. a shampoo/toothpaste/cosmetic that you have never seen or heard of however your idol uses it would you try it out? Well most population would as it builds trust towards the product just because a celebrity uses it. However we don’t realize that the celebrity doesn’t actually use the product that they are endorsing which makes it even more manipulative as the company makes false claims to make the product shown as a durable and good quality product which might not necessarily be true as for example for years the company who sold powder milk claiming that it was better than mothers breast milk had took years of struggle before the company got forced to accept that they were making false claims which still doesn’t change the fact that lots of mothers especially young mothers who didn’t particularly want to breastfeed got convinced that it truly was better manipulating the stereotype that a mother should breastfeed. This shows how people are able to be manipulated as we all know that’s its hard almost impossible to create something similar to a DNA.

Some businesses are so big that even law is convinced and in some sense manipulated. Which just makes it worrying and terrifying if you ask me? As for when Brazil was the host for world cup in 2015 FIFA had no dought in mind that they were going to be selling alcohol during the match as Budweiser is one of the biggest sponsors for FIFA there was even no negotiating about it. However the Brazil law had made it that it was banned to sell alcohol during matches as their where to many deaths due to alcohol which put the Brazilian law under pressure. FIFA stated that they either allow them to sell alcohol on the match or they are simply taking the world cup to a different country which will happily take it. The amazing thing here is that FIFA successfully won they literally changed the law. We can thank god that FIFA wasn’t sponsored by cocaine and chainsaws. Another thing that FIFA can do and does is for like 1kilometre makes all the corner shops closed. They either have a choice to sell FIFA stuff or are forced to close.

So yeah no matter who you are; where you are you get manipulated whether you want to or not it happens and that just highlights of how much power and control big companies have. The big companies even buy smaller companies to eliminate any competition. But if there is competition they then make their prices smaller to attract customers. Pricing strategies are commonly used to attract customers as for when we know the company and the price gets lowered or when you buy one you get one free etc. that all makes our eyes shine we immediately want the product more that the other one that we had in mind. However we don’t notice the point, that the company does it deliberately as it knows that you have good memory/recognition of the business and you will further buy it even if the price is higher than when we first bought it. Our brains work that way so don’t worry its normal we get tricked and we don’t even realize. It’s happened to all of us at one point. So what was your ever manipulative experience?


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