The Things They Carried Final

The novel The thing they Carried, Tim O’Brien is being sent off to Vietnam war where he writes a story about how the war seemed through his eyes. In the novel Tim O’Brien meets with a group of soldiers with whom he spends most his time in Vietnam. One of the most memorable person for Tim was a guy named Curt Lemon.He wound describe Curt as a man who had nothing to regret, a man who was not afraid of anything. Sadly Curt lemon dies when steps on a booby trap and get blown into pieces. The narrator specifies the items that his comrades and him had to carry throughout the war. There were several items that seemed surprising and evocative that had stayed with me after the novel.

One the most surprising items that was presented in the novel were Pantyhose that Henry Dobbins had wrapped around his neck as a comforter. “More than anything ,though, the stocking were a talisman for him. They kept him safe.(O’Brien ,111 ). During the war it was almost impossible to find love and care, so Henry Dobbins uses his girlfriend’s stockings as source of pleasure and to remind himself about his girlfriend………………………………..

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