The Strength of Optimism Essay

The Strength of Optimism

To be optimistic, I believe is one way to achieve peace of mind and inner calm. Living with a positive attitude, and expecting positive outcomes in every situation, always eliminate all fear in my heart. I trained myself to be optimistic and this optimistic spirit of mine has helped me go through many difficult moments without noticing . I have always based my belief on the saying that the best is still to come. I trained my mind to see the good in every situation in which I find myself.

I always see every situation I have been through as an opportunity, to make me spiritually stronger. In this small story of my life, my optimistic spirit helped me go through peacefully without any stress, nor capitulate.

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The Strength of Optimism Essay
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To be selected for further processing in the Diversity Visa Lottery program to get a US green card, the program that make up 50,000 immigrant visas available annually. Was always my wish as I grew up.

When I finally got selected, I was very happy. But then, when I broke the news to my family on which I relied on for advice, and support, they told me they didn’t have any money and that I should let go of the idea of obtaining a US green card. Despite how much they tried to convince me to let go of my dream, I was still positive and said to myself that I can make it. My family said they have spent too much money sending me to a medical school and will not allow let their money waste away. The reason why i prefered pursuing my dream of coming to the united states rather than staying in the medical school, based on the fact that in Cameroon, the unemployment rate is high even Graduates still find it very difficult getting jobs. I didn’t want this to be the case with me after spending time in the medical school. My family focused on what I stand to lose as I was to abandon my education to travel abroad. But, I was rather more focused on what I will gain as it was not only an opportunity for me to make my dreams come true, but also for me to study and explore this other part of the world. And the fact that I know in the united states, the employment level is high, which I will most likely get a job upon graduation, it made me even more determined and to stay positive.

Besides looking for money to process my documents, I needed to provide information of someone that will host me when I get to the US. I called my aunt and she agreed to provide me the host information and also assist me with other things I needed for the interview. But when she talked about it with my grandfather, he told her to withdraw the offer and she obeyed. This again left me with no choice. In all these, I still didn’t lose hope. I stayed positive throughout. My interview was fast approaching and I still had not done my medicals. On this fateful Sunday, just a day to the deadline for my medicals, one of my aunt that I did not believe she could help me, called and said I should come in the morning and take money to go do my medicals. She went the extra mile and talked to one of my uncles here in the United States to provide the host information for me, of which he did. It was then that I felt the strength of optimism.

A week to my interview, my medicals and host information had already been taken care of but the immigration was still delaying the production of my passport, despite all the efforts I made going to the immigration office. I was at this point left with the option to reschedule my interview to a different date which will further reduce my chances of getting a visa on time, before the due date or not even have an interview at all, should visas get finish before the day I will reschedule my interview. One of the disadvantages of the Diversity Visa program is that visas can get finish before the scheduled day of interview. This was the risk I didn’t want to take. Everyone around me advised me not to go for the interview without a passport, I didn’t listen, I kept believing that I could make it even without the passport on the day of my interview . I went to the interview, everything went well and when I was asked to provide my passport, I told the officer it was still to be produced and she told me to bring it once it’s produced for them to stamp my visa in it. Not too long from the day I had my interview, visas number, got finished, which meant that if I had not had my interview on time, or if i could reschedule, I could most likely not have an interview, thus no visa.

When I finally received my visa, I was very happy for the single fact that I trained myself to be optimistic. I also concluded that, an optimistic spirit, is a peaceful spirit.

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